Yung Miami Claims Her & Diddy Are Getting Married, But Fans Think She’s Delusional & Wasting Her Time

Yung Miami and Diddy continue to show their love for one another. The unexpected pair have become goals for many who admire the couple’s constant flirting and fun-loving connection. While many did not originally see it for them, the chemistry became very apparent after Diddy guested on Yung Miami’s show Caresha Please.

While interviewing her billionaire beau, it became obvious how equally smitten they were with one another. Yung Miami continued to stare and smirk at her man as he talked slowly and passionately about the reasons he likes her and connects with her. Unbeknownst to many, one of the pair’s key connection points is their mutual experiences with losing a lover.

Diddy dated actress and model Kim Porter for several years. He adopted her eldest son Quincy before the pair welcomed three more kids together, King Combs and twins D’Lila Star Combs and Jesse James Combs. Unfortunately, Kim would leave Diddy after years of infidelity. She was pregnant with the twins at the same time Sarah Chapman was carrying his other daughter, Chance Combs. Kim Porter passed away unexpectedly in 2018 from lobar pneumonia.

Yung Miami lost her baby father, Jai Wiggins, in 2020. Wiggins was the victim of a shooting that left Miami devasted. She had to soldier on and film a music video only a day after this while he was on his deathbed. “I filmed pussy talk video while my baby daddy was on his death bed. I cried so hard and long between scenes, one of the hardest days of my life.” Fortunately for Diddy and Yung Miami, they would find each other in 2021. They were spotted holding hands and hanging out, eventually teasing each other on social media and confirming their union in the most Yung Miami way when she announced to Diddy, “we got together” on her show.

Miami now says the pair will be married. In another video, the female rapper claims she doesn’t rap any more and she’s ‘Put Up’ which is a new term to describe someone in a relationship. Some fans think she is delusional since Diddy has never married any of his exes. One person commented under her “announcement,” saying, “Who gone tell her??😂😂” Another said, “Diddy is not marrying anyone, lmaooo, but I love the delusion.” Do you think Miami is being misled?

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