Yung Miami and Diddy Done? City Girls Rapper Claims She’s Single

Yung Miami and Diddy are finally over? The progressive couple had been flaunting their unique union for a while, but it is unclear how onboard Miami was with the other girlfriends and surprise baby Diddy had in the fall. It’s been months since we last spotted them together around the New Year.

For the entirety of their time together, Diddy and Miami were committed to not giving their relationship a label. Instead, they simply said, “We go together,” and kept it moving. During that time, Puff was spotted out with a few other women, including 50 Cent’s baby mother, Daphne Joy, and Bow Wow’s baby mother, Joie Chavis. Meanwhile, if Miami was not with Diddy, she was riding solo and did not seem to have any other men.

Miami recently confirmed that she is single in an interview with The Cut. Caresha explains that she and Diddy are good friends but that he is “not her man.” She continued, “We had our own situation; I’m not gonna put a title on it. We were fucking with each other hard. We were together every day at one point. He supported me. I supported him. I’ll let the internet call it whatever they want to call it.”

Miami seemed pretty upset following the news that Diddy had a child, but she eventually downplayed the hype by promoting merch and celebrating the holidays with him. She also clarified “Pee Diddy” rumors, stating that the story she told was never about him and was just an experience she enjoyed in the past.

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