Women Claiming To Be Late Rapper Trouble’s Girlfriend Are Paying Tribute, Both Sad and Heartbroken

Atlanta rapper Trouble lost his life earlier this week in a terrible incident between two lovers. The woman who he was spending the night with had a jealous ex who broke in to confront her, sadly taking his life in the process. Its unclear what Trouble’s relationship with the girl was, but it appears he was also involved with a few other women at the time of his passing, and their tributes to him have begun to pour in. 

Multiple Women Are Claiming To Be Trouble’s Girlfriend

Earlier today, Neighborhood Talk posted a screenshot from a woman alleging to be Trouble’s girlfriend. The unidentified woman said, “he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I’ll never be mad at him for this. I’m just hurt he didn’t survive. The bond we had was one of a kind, and I’ll cherish the memories forever.” She goes on to say “what we had most people wouldn’t understand & we never cared to explain.” She alludes to them having a unique connection and relationship dynamic and believes that she was “waiting” for him and he was worth the wait. 

Trouble was also dating a woman named Jazzy McBee, who took to social media to mourn the rapper as well. In the post, she says, “My whole heart is gone, and I’m crushed and heartbroken. My soulmate and twin flame is no longer here! I’m Not okay. God help us.” 

In a deeply emotional post featuring videos of them cuddling and being intimate, a woman named Cola My Soda also expressed her sadness in losing her real friend, Trouble. “My heart is crushed. I lost a real friend. Over a decade of memories playing in my head as I write this. I am broke and miss you already.” Trouble’s friend ended her tribute praying for his children, family friends with an I love you and I will miss you at the end.

Trouble Dated Alexis Skyy Back In The Day

Trouble used to be connected to socialite Alexis Skyy. It’s unclear why the two separated, but things got ugly on social media when she posted a photo declaring herself single back in 2018. Trouble laughed it off in his IG story, saying she broke up with him online before she even called and informed him. Alexis clapped back, saying she had not spoken to him in days, and requested he respect her space and privacy. 

Despite their break-up being messy, she still took to social media to pay her respects this week. Instead of photos of them or videos of their time together, she reshared his tweet from May 15th, talking about how fragile life can be. In the tweet, he said, “Life short af dawg smh Neva know when yo numBa gon Be called!” Alexis followed this up with her post praying for peace, protection, and wisdom. 

Troubel Was Rumored To Move On With Defense Attorney, Nicole Moorman

In May of 2020, it was rumored that Trouble had moved on from Alexis Skyy to be with defense attorney Nicole Moorman. While all the posts from that time have been removed, some sights still had quotes from his caption declaring his love for her. “Thank u for accepting & lovin me for me ain’t sh*t nobody kan tell u nor I, dats been able to tear us apart! An it won’t be! Forever my homieloverfriendwifeybm.” She currently has no posts up of him and has not made a statement following his passing. 

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