Woman Goes Viral Telling Women To Please Their Man Everyday Before Work, Monica Says He’ll Still Cheat

Social media is full of relationship guru’s trying to help their followers stay in happy and healthy relationships. Unfortunately, sometimes their advice does not resonate with everyone, leading to discourse in the comment sections with people disagreeing. One woman shared her opinion on what women should be doing for their men on a daily basis, and not everyone is here for it. While she presents it as a simple solution to a happy home, R&B singer Monica jumped in the comments to lets fans know it’s not that easy.

The clip starts off at 100, with an unidentified woman and man having a discussion about how women should send their men off into the world every morning. In her opinion, women should ’empty’ their man before he walks out the door regardless of how its done. According to the young lady, a man who has been satisfied at the top of the morning will go about his day more calmly and peacefully. She feels that by doing this, she is creating an environment where he will come home appreciative of her and the work she puts in to keep him “empty.”

Science seems to back up the idea that intimacy, especially in the mornings, can be beneficial to relationships. Not only does it help deepen intimacy and release stress, but it also releases endorphins that help keep you happy and positive throughout the day. Healthshots.com says that intimacy in the morning is especially important because that is when people have the highest hormonal level, particularly testosterone. Dr. Sudeshna, consultant obstetrics and gynecology at Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre, says that morning intercourse is great for your immunity and helps boost memory as well.

Despite these healthy facts, people in the comments felt like the girl’s discussion had less to do with maintaining a healthy relationship and more to do with keeping her man from cheating. Several people chimed in, stressing that no amount of morning sex or good energy will keep a man from going off and doing what he wants with another woman.

One person said, “That man still would cheat 🥴 I done ‘seent’ it happened 🤣🤣🤣.” Another chimed in, saying, “And he will still go bust another one. When will we stop thinking it’s something we not doing enough of or doing too much of that makes a man cheat, happy or sad??? Like, cmon this what we still doing?”

R&B singer Monica seemed to share in this mindset and commented about similar advice she had gotten early on in her life from a friend. According to Monica, the woman who told her to please her man every morning is ironically getting cheated on every day. “I was told this by a wife years ago who lived by this…. Shes still getting cheated on to this day! I will please a loyal man constantly or be alone.”

Many other commenters stated they simply do not have the time, energy, or desire to be intimate every morning. Even some men agreed.

Do you agree with the girl or do you agree with Monica and the comment section?

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