Woman Angry After Being Scammed By ‘Water Boys’ In Atlanta, Paid $200 For Bottle Of Gatorade

The Atlanta “Water Boy” pandemic is still ongoing. With that, a woman in Atlanta shared a story that can probably help the rest of the world think before acting. What started off as a “good deed” for Crystal Childs ended up costing her $200. All because she wasn’t fully paying attention to her surroundings.

Crystal Childs angrily told the story to her social media followers of how she was approached and surrounded by the water boys. “I am heated,” she screamed into the camera. Childs shares that she got “scammed” by the water boys as she was headed to a meeting at Georgia Tech University.
“If you’re from Atlanta, you know about the ‘water boys,'” she forewarned. For those unfamiliar with them, the water boys are described as young people who stand on the street corners and sell water and other drinks illegally as a hustle. However, many incidents have escalated with the water boys that have begun to cause more problems in the famous Georgia city.

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Childs details her trip to the university, saying that the water boys immediately closed in on her vehicle as she pulled up to a red light. She gets a knock on the window and is asked if she would like to purchase a beverage. The Atlanta woman shared with the young men that she did not have any cash to buy the drink from them, for which they were charging $3. However, she offered to Cashapp them. “I’m trying to do a good deed, you know?” she explained to her followers. But her kindness was indeed taken for weakness.

As she was looking for their Cashapp handle, she revealed she was unable to find it. With that information, Childs expressed that one of the young men quickly proceeded to lean into her car to grab her phone and enter the details into Cashapp. But while doing so, the young man was distracting her with a conversation, complimenting her on her looks and asking her whether she was in a relationship. While she was distracted, the water boys sent themselves $200 from her Cashapp. Crystal Childs then holds up the $200 Gatorade that she just unknowingly purchased. To make matters worse, she shared that the drink was not chilled but hot. Childs expressed that the ordeal prompted her to call the police to alert them about the water boys in the area.

The water boys have seemingly been terrorizing the Atlanta area for some time. There have been various accounts of scam-like activity because of them and violent and fatal incidents. Due to the multiple reports of heinous crimes at the hands of the water boys, Atlanta leaders have been pushing for a citywide ban.
Not all young men selling water on the street corners are doing it with ill intention. Instead, many of them are looking for a means to make money. With that, officials have issued that they will be setting up mentorship programs and other outlets where the youth can be hired and provided for.

Crystal Childs shares the pain of those like Tokyo Vanity, A1 aka “SprngBrk,” and others who have expressed their disdain for the water boys’ tactics. Atlanta rapper and television personality Scrappy shared that he “respects the hustle” of the water boys but disagrees with the way they go about things. “Why you got your whole body in somebody’s car?” he questions, sharing details of how the boys interact with their would-be customers.

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