Will Zeke Return In The Next Season Of Power?

After two seasons as a series regular on Power Book II: Ghost, Ezekiel “Zeke” Cross is no longer with us. A case of mistaken identity saw his life taken in cold blood, and the season finale left viewers without one of the show’s integral characters. But, although Zeke is gone, the Power Universe has a way of bringing characters back one way or another. So could Zeke return in season 3 of the Starz television show?

At this point, loyal viewers of any of the Power shows know not to get too attached to fans. Yet, somehow, someway, they seem to find their way back for an episode or two. For six seasons, Omari Hardwick served as the original series star. But James “Ghost” St. Patrick met his fate on the series finale when his own son, Tariq, ended his life. But in episodes of the second spin-off that follow his son’s story, portrayed by Michael Rainey Jr., Ghost can be seen in a few flashback scenes. Most of the time that Ghost makes his return has been to torment Tariq, including in a letter written in case his son becomes incarcerated.

Also, Angela Valdes, played by Lela Loren, surprisingly met her fate before the show went off the air. Angela’s life was taken at the hands of Joseph Sikora’s character, Tommy Egan, who was targeting his best friend, Ghost. Following Angela’s death, she reappeared as an apparition that would often haunt or console Ghost during moments.

Rapper 50 Cent, who serves as the shows’ executive producer, held a significant role in the series as one of the antagonists, Kanan Stark. After dying in season 5 of Power, he would often return in both flashback sequences and as a ghost.   Others who were killed in the show that made their return in some form or fashion were Tariq’s twin sister, Raina, Lakeisha Grant (played by La La Anthony), and Joseph Proctor, Ghost and Tommy’s lawyer. Each character passed away on the series but found their way back as a flashback or an apparition.  

With Zeke’s character being removed from the show, fans would perhaps not be surprised if he were to make a return. Zeke Cross, played by actor Daniel Bellomy, had a promising career that was unfortunately cut short due to lies, family secrets, and being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It could be a possibility that Zeke returns via flashbacks.  

But Daniel Bellomy believes that Zeke’s “sacrifice” should stand and that it would make no sense for him to return. As a matter of fact, he believes that Zeke’s death is more like is “salvation.” Daniel Bellomy told Deadline recently that he believes Zeke shouldn’t return as a ghost. However, suppose Zeke were to do so. In that case, Bellomy believes Monet wins and still gets to “have him,” which the actor believes his television aunt-turned-mother does not deserve. “It would be wrong if he did because then he’d still be a slave. But this is television, though, so who knows?” said Daniel Bellomy.

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