Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith Believed To Be In Open Relationship So Will Can Be With Other Men, According To Comedian

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are accomplished stars in their own right. Will Smith got his start in Hip-Hop and was the first rapper to win a Grammy before transitioning into film and television. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air became a network darling, while Will went on to a string of box office milestones as one of Hollywood’s most charismatic leading men. 

On his arm? An equally charismatic leading lady named Jada Pinkett. Getting her start on television as well before a string of cult classic films established her as a big-screen it-girl. Will and Jada were instantly couples goals; something Will was very aware of. As America’s sweetheart, he doubled down with the big wedding, big house, and perfect family carefully crafted to work with their images. 

Jada Pinkett-Smith destroyed the fantasy for everyone in recent years. She admits that while she deeply loved Will and still does, she had no desire for a lot of the things he wanted to help “complete” their family and image. Jada had just purchased a farm and had plans to leave Hollywood behind when Will Smith called and asked her to be his girlfriend.

She immediately moved to Los Angeles to be by his side. Jada has talked about crying on their wedding day and feeling forced by Will and her mother to walk down the aisle because she was already pregnant with Jaden. Jada has also confessed to never wanting the large houses or fancy parties. Most specifically, she has been open about never really wanting monogamy either. 

When Will and Jada opened up about their relationship arrangement, it made sense to many because there had been rumors for years. The couple was always surrounded by equally attractive couples, and many assumed them to be swingers. When Jada started popping up everywhere with August Alsina, some assumed he was intimate with both Will and Jada since rumors of Will’s sexuality have been rampant for years.

In their Red Table Talk episode explaining the August entanglement, Jada does not confirm these claims, but from her explanation, it seemed like her and August’s relationship was self-contained between the two of them. While Will has alluded to his own extramarital relationships in his book and interviews, he’s never confirmed with who, and it was just women. Many have thrown around names like Margot Robbie and Liza Koshy.

Social media always has something to say about their marriage, especially in light of recent developments. Some have been more critical of them following the Oscar slap, feeling that it was a clear display of their relationship turning more toxic. They’ve not made it any better, sharing videos of themselves at home, seeming annoyed with one another, and even taking jabs.

In one clip of him criticizing her lateness, she calls him a clown, “Jada Pinkett Smith & Will Smith are playful & toxic towards each other after 25 yrs+ together. They BOTH decided to have an open relationship too!” Others don’t seem to understand how it works and has made comments that Jada may have too much power. “Let’s be clear. Jada Pinkett Smith has an open relationship. Will Smith does not.” Someone else shared, “Jada is the only victim. No matter how y’all feel about that open relationship gone wrong, no matter how sad u are for August Alsina, who found the love of his life in a married woman.. or for Will, who shared her.” 

Some celebrities have also said their peace. Family friend Vivica A. Fox recently called out Jada for not taking any responsibility for the Oscar slap or the environment that she created around her marriage that made her husband feel that he had to defend her in that way. She got emotional while discussing it on an episode of the Wendy Williams show.

Katt Williams Has His Own Opinions On Will & Jada’s Potential’ Open Relationship’

Katt Williams is the latest to chime in on Will and Jada. The comic is team Jada and recently called her “class, personified” in an interview. Katt says that Jada has always worked hard for her platform and does not understand why people try to vilify her. They allude to Jada potentially having more to say about Will Smith and opting not to, a clear display of her loving and protecting him.

Katt Williams believes the open relationship was less about Jada and more about Will Smith sleeping with other men. “If it’s an open relationship, understand that means him and men. These things matter,” he says before chuckling. He also believes that Hollywood is trying to run Will Smith out of Hollywood and have been trying to do this since the film After/Earth. Check out his full interview below.

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