Will Rapper Quavo Testify During His Nephew TakeOff’s Trial? Rapper Doesn’t Think So

Takeoff’s family is still trying to assure the late rapper receives the justice he deserves. The 28-year-old lost his life back in November 2022, and while someone was initially taken into custody, it appears the case has slowed down a bit. When the trial finally begins some are questioning whether Takeoff’s Uncle and bandmate, Quavo will take the stand or not.

The trial for TakeOff’s passing has yet to take place. The main suspect, Patrick Xavier Clark, has been out since January on bail and trying to clear his name with the aid of a private investigator. He has maintained his innocence since being taken into custody, despite HPD claiming he was found with a bag full of money and a ticket to Mexico. Clark is said to have ties to J Prince and his team. While Clark claims he did not have money to hire a private investigator, he somehow came up with enough money to make bail.

Meanwhile, the Prince family has been trying to distance themselves from the incident. J Prince and his son Jas did a promotional tour hitting up different blogs and podcasts. J claims that Offset was doing a lot of bad-mouthing behind the scenes and connecting his family to TakeOff’s passing. While Jas Prince was present the evening of the incident and provided a gun for one of Quavo’s entourage, they claim they had nothing to do with the actual person involved. The family was also criticized for a tasteless mural they erected at the site of TakeOff’s passing, which featured their name much large than TakeOff’s.

Offset clapped back at Prince, claiming he did not know Jas or his father and wanted nothing to do with them. Prince fired back, saying that he is very well acquainted with Offset and his wife, Cardi B, and even helped them get out of trouble during a trip to Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Quavo has stayed mostly quiet on the incident and has instead focused his attention on honoring TakeOff with a tribute record and a Grammy performance. Shortly after his performance, Quavo and Offset came to blows backstage.

It is unclear if Quavo has cooperated with law enforcement yet. If he did, it would make a lot of sense; not only did he lose his nephew, but he was also present during the incident. Unfortunately, Quavo could also lose big if he decides to talk. According to rapper 600 Breezy, it’s highly unlikely Quavo will testify or cooperate to avoid risking his career and being called a snitch.

While talking with Vlad TV, Breezy said that he highly doubts that Quavo will work with the Texas police if he values his reputation in the hood. “I doubt it. I doubt one bit that Quavo will get on the stand and say anything that’ll make people say, ‘Oh, Quavo a snitch.'” He continued, “For the sake of his career and all that [expletive]. His nephew dead and gone. Nothing he could do to bring him back. “

Breezy concluded with, “He wouldn’t do that to himself. If Quavo sat there and took the stand to say anything about that situation, he got the snitch jacket on him now.”

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