Who Will Become Shay Johnson’s Baby’s Godparents?

Babies are a gift from God, and reality star Shay Johnson is gearing up for her first one! For the most part, new arrivals into the family call for celebrations and exciting times. Johnson is thankfully experiencing the love and support from family and friends. Surprisingly for many supporters, in that number Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta star Momma Dee. At the same time, supporters are also waiting in the wings to figure out who she will announce as the newborn’s godparents. But as grateful as she is for the love, Shay Johnson wants to see who is most capable of handling the role of godparent. Especially financially. 

Flavor Of Love star Shay Johnson recently announced the life-changing news that she is soon to welcome a baby girl into the world. She shared the secret that she’d been holding for months to her followers with a stunning maternity cover shot for Kontrol MagazineThe 38-year-old could barely contain her excitement for this new journey, revealing that she’s “wanted a baby for so long, and it’s finally happening.”

Shay Johnson, who is also the CEO of her company “The Healthy Hand,” is undoubtedly feeling the joys of pregnancy. But her journey to motherhood has not come with its trials. Johnson has been open about her battles with fibroids in the past. She underwent a surgical procedure called a myomectomy to remove them. However, the businesswoman and entrepreneur recently shared a candid post to her Instagram revealing that three fibroids have returned while she’s carrying her baby girl.

The Love and Hip Hop: Miami star sat between her two brothers and spoke on her fibroid struggles. In the video and its caption, Shay Johnson shares that her doctors advised against doing anything to correct the issue but “monitor the fibroids.” The possibility of harming her unborn baby girl will increase if they opt to do any surgical procedures, so the reality star will wait until it’s safe. But there is hope, as Shay Johnson expressed, the fibroids could go away naturally once she delivers the baby. On the flip side, they can linger and perhaps increase in size if not corrected.

Shay Johnson continues to share open and honest videos about her pregnancy journey. In another video, the reality star emotionally revealed news from her doctors that she cannot have a natural birth due to having Previa. Shay Johnson shared the information that Previa is “when the placenta covers the opening of the cervix preventing the baby from pushing through causing a mandatory C-Section.” Although she was looking to have a natural birth, her previous myomectomy surgery won’t allow for that to happen.

But Shay Johnson is not going to let that slow her down. Instead, the VH1 star has been celebrating this pregnancy every chance she gets. Johnson excitedly shared a photo to her Instagram of her ultrasound, asking for suggestions on baby names for a girl as she and her mother previously came up with names for a boy. However, on Instagram Live, Johnson stated that her mother would ultimately choose her daughter’s name.

Shay Johnson and her mother had issues in the past, some of which were shown during an episode of Iyanla Vanzant’s Fix My Life. Thankfully, it seems that they have worked through their issues, except for one. “I’m letting my mom name her because she still kind of has an attitude that I didn’t tell her for the first six months,” expressed the reality star. However, Shay Johnson clarified that she didn’t tell anyone during that period about her pregnancy. Because of this, Johnson claims her mother is “really adamant” about being a part of everything.  

The entrepreneur also recently shared clips of her lavish baby shower in Atlanta. Among family and friends that attended were fellow LHH co-stars Bobby Lytes and Momma Dee, which shocked some fans as she is the mother to Scrappy, Johnson’s ex. Throughout her pregnancy journey, Shay Johnson has not revealed who the baby’s father is. Momma Dee’s appearance led many fans to assume that the father of Johnson’s baby was none other than Scrappy. Others called Momma Dee out for attending due to her appearance seeming messy for her son’s current dating situation.

But Shay Johnson and Momma Dee have a great relationship. Johnson revealed in an Instagram Live session that Momma Dee insists on being her baby’s godmother, or “glam godmother,” as she puts it. “What the hell is a ‘glam godmother?'” she asks.  

There is no official rule about how many godparents a child should have. In Shay Johnson’s case, there can be more than one godparent, but she has a process. “I’m just gonna check their bank account, and then I’m going to say, ‘Ok, you can be the godmother,” she said while laughing. Prayers up for a continual safe pregnancy for Shay Johnson!

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