Who Is Daniel ‘Zeke’ Bellomy Dating?

Daniel Lee Bellomy went from having bit parts and minor roles in different projects to now being a household name. The entertainer’s role as basketball player “Ezekiel ‘Zeke’ Cross” on Power Book II: Ghost has gripped fans for the last two seasons. As per usual, once your star rises, so do the inquiring minds of fans. The six-foot-four actor now has fans who wonder whether he is dating and perhaps ready to mingle.

Daniel ‘Zeke’ Bellomy’s journey on Power Book II: Ghost was quite the journey. Fans watched as the aspiring basketball player juggled between dealing with the beautiful professor at his school, Carrie Milgram, the pressures of Monet Tejada and the rest of the family, and more. Zeke is being primed as the potential “savior” of the Tejada family as his skill could provide for a straight lifestyle. However, the way their lives are set up, including family secrets, continually incites Zeke’s various hardships and challenges, ultimately prohibiting an easy path.

Daniel Lee Bellomy’s following has increased immensely since he was introduced to the world on the 50 Cent-executive produced show. His Instagram page currently sits at over 220k followers. Perhaps his portrayal as the successful and aspiring basketball player had many suitors pining to find out if he was dating anyone.  

Fans noticeably recognized that the actor appears on red carpets sans a date, nor does his social media pages hint at dating anyone. Instead, it seems that the actor seemingly takes the “keep my private life, private” approach while sharing what’s happening in his music and acting careers. But fans got a glimpse into the actor’s dating life during a recent interview.

Daniel Lee Bellomy appeared as a guest on the Queenzflip Podcast, where things got a little awkward during an exchange regarding his dating life. According to the actor, he’s a 27-year-old man born into a Christian household. He also shared that he is indeed a single man who doesn’t usually like to go into detail about his intimate relationships or who he’s dating.  

Daniel Bellomy was then asked about his preference when it comes to dating and what he identifies as. The Ghost actor revealed that he remains undecided about his sexuality. “There’s so many different titles, especially today,” said Daniel Bellomy. Rather than explicitly desiring a particular gender, Daniel shared that he desires “someone who wants me, and is willing to accept me for who I am.” “And I’m open,” stated the actor. ” However, he is unable to firmly place a label on his preference, calling it “difficult to choose.”

During the exchange, the term ‘ageism’ was brought up by one of the host who assumed Bellomy’s age had something to do with how he views labels such a gender and sexual orientation. At 27, the actor is considered a millennial. Based on his assumption, the host believes the younger generation is much more likely to become ‘more complex’ when making choices as it relates to these topics. But if the host believed Bellomy was being difficult wait until he finds out Healthline claims there are over 46 terms that describes sexual attraction, behavior and orientation.

In addition, Pew Research claims 35% of Gen Zers say they personally know someone who prefers to go by gender-neutral pronouns, compared with 25% of Millennials. There are also those who may not necessarily label themselves specifically but may consider themselves fluid. According to Healthline, one who is fluid means their orientation is not permanently fixed. This is not to be confused with bisexual, who is generally attracted to the male or female gender.

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