Kelsey Harris Initially Vowed To Tell It All, Got On Stand Asked For Immunity & Invoked Fifth Amendment

Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez’s trial continues today, with Kelsey Harris taking the stand. She has been touted as a key witness in this all, and has been quoted in the past stating she would tell it all when her time came. Harris finally took the stand today and gave jurors more questions than answers as she opted not to answer certain things. Lanez’s team has been trying to reshift the focus of the night to possibly placing blame on Harris, and today it is unclear if she helped or hurt herself.

Kelsey Harris was Megan Thee Stallions’ best friend prior to all of this. As Megan began to find success, Kelsey created her own platform as an influencer. The women became popular and started dating high profile men, but according to Lanez’s team, the girls had a jealous side and used to take men from one another. Lanez would eventually get a chance at both ladies, and the night of the incident, it is said that their love triangle is what sent the events of the night into motion. Megan Thee Stallion initally denied having an intimate relationship with Tory Lanez. However, she came clean about their relationship while under oath.

When Kelsey showed up today for trial, she came in with her own attorney and asked for immunity. The DA had already sworn that they had no intent on prosecuting her, and it is unclear what the immunity will do for her in this case. After she took the stand, Kelsey corroborated Lanez’s story of Megan being intoxicated that evening and being asked to leave the party by Kylie Jenner. When asked if Tory Lanez threaten her, Kelsey pleaded the 5th. While she was unresponsive for a few questions, the DA had to remind her that she had confessed to some of this stuff in a previous interview back in September.

In total, Kelsey took the stand for 40 minutes and, for much of it, said she could not remember the night of the party because she had too much to drink. She did call Megan a liar and all dismiss any rumors of her being the person being the trigger. When trying to make sense of her request for immunity – one reporter present in the courtroom said, “Kelsey was granted ‘use immunity,’ meaning the DA’s office can’t use her testimony, in this case, to prosecute her. It does not mean they are declining to prosecute her for any criminal conduct they become aware of.”

Others are saying that she asked for immunity to cover up that she took the $1 million from Lanez that he offered them to stay quiet about the incident. “Kelsey is seeking immunity for taking that hush money & lying. She’s also being even more nasty to Meg & just outright not wanting to tell the truth b/c that means the world knows that Meg isn’t a liar & that Kelsey’s actually a trifling, loser who turned on her best friend.” Kelsey did testify about the hush money while on the stand and said this never happened, and that she also did not find out that Tory and Meg had been intimate until the night of the incident.

Megan Thee Stallion initially connected Kelsey and tour at a Roc Nation brunch but then began sleeping with him when Kelsey went back to Houston during covid. She also confessed that they ladies had left the party without Tory Lanez but Megan The Stallion insisted on going back to get her slipper. However, the female rapper returned with Tory and that’s when everything went left.

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