What’s Going On With Each Group Member Of B2K Since Their Public Breakup?

B2K was once a promising boy band with popular songs, videos and even a movie. These days the band is disbanded and the subject of online speculation about their current whereabouts. The boys are not on the best terms and have used their various social media platforms to take jabs at each other over the years. So where is everyone at now?

B2K were staples of the 106 & Park era. The four-member group was a follow-up to ’90s trio Immature (later rebranded as IMx) and served as the launching pad for lead singer and solo star Omarion. Early in-fighting and issues over how the group was being presented are what initially drove a wedge between the boys almost 20 years ago following the release of You Got Served. Their careers would take them down different paths, with them briefly reuniting for a series of tour dates in 2018.

The Millennium Tour would be a three-month trek that was well received by fans. Eventually, Raz-B dropped out due to issues with his mental health. Lil Fizz began dating Omarion’s baby mother, which also caused issues, so Omarion rebranded and finished the tour without them. He’s gone on to call the guys his backup dancers during his 2022 Verzuz with Mario.

J-Boog and Raz-B did not respond well to this and took to social media to tear down their lead singer following years of disrespect and downplaying their contributions to the group. J-Boog said the group was a mix of all their talents, and without all four men, Omarion appeared “lost.” He continued, “it’s almost like you looking for us to feed off. You are a fame hog, and that got the best of you.” Boog then said that Chris Brown took Omarion’s career while Bow Wow stole his tour. While Lil Fizz got some negative press for dating Apryl Jones, the mother of Omarion’s two children, he reveals that a woman was also at the center of the group’s first breakup too.

While on Drink Champs, Fizz revealed that Omarion split up the band after finding out that Fizz was intimate with a woman he liked. He says Omarion exposed everyone for wanting to get out of their deals and “told on” Fizz for sleeping with the unidentified woman. While he would not reveal who she was, he says she was on the road with them but was not a backup dancer. Meanwhile, J-Boog placed the blame squarely on Lil Fizz. “Fizzle Pop ruined everything. Um, I wouldn’t say he ruined everything, but I’d say about 99.9 percent of it, though,” he said in an IG live.

In the time since, the men have all gone their separate ways again, with Omarion continuing to be the most visible and successful. J-Boog stays to himself, Lil Fizz started an OnlyFans, and Raz-B continues to go viral for his unhinged interviews and behaviors. In his latest, he claims he and J-Boog got into a fistfight over some s*** talking. “Brothers hug it out; we back talking,” he revealed. “My brothers love me.”

Raz-B claims Omarion continues to ignore his former bandmates and have hopes one day everyone will come together. Unfortunately that day will not be anytime soon.

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