What Happened To 6ix9ine’s Career and Money?

Tekashi 6ix9ine is reportedly broke, and it might not be as surprising as we are think. The outrageous rainbow-haired rapper has been the king of pulling the spotlight, but it seems it has come at a really high cost. With mounting security bills, his massive spending habits, and dwindling public interests, it makes a lot of sense that he no longer has the money to fund his madness. Let’s take a lot back at 6ix9ine’s last couple of years and why it makes complete sense that he’s run out of money. 

Following his release from jail, the whole world was waiting to see if the rapper would be able to reclaim his throne as the most divisive figure in hip-hop. He came out pretty heavy, too, dropping two massive singles that dominated the charts. One being the Nicki Minaj assisted “FEFE.” The song is currently sitting at an impressive 600 million streams on Spotify. 

6ix9ine would go on to headline several festivals and make some big bank despite the amount of money touring acts were losing due to COVID shutdowns. While on tour, evidence of 6ix9ine’s outrageous spending started to show. The rapper was reportedly spending $15k on his colorful wigs, of which he has hundreds. He also was driving around in a custom rainbow paint-splattered Lamborghini that easily had to cost him a pretty penny. He also debuted a million-dollar chain last February at a show. “MY CHAIN COST MORE THEN YOUR WHOLE CHAIN PIECE AND WATCH,” he told his haters on IG. At the time, he teased new music but never dropped anything. 

In one viral moment from 2021, 6ix9ine decided to flaunt his wealth while on tour in a strange way. He did this by hand-counting $1 million and then telling people the location of his next stop. “It took me 23 minutes to count $1,000,000,” he captioned the video. He then revealed in all caps, “RALEIGH NORTH CAROLINA JULY 22ND AT ENIGMA NIGHT CLUB — MANASSAS VIRGINIA JULY 25TH AT PRINCE WILLIAMS FAIRGROUNDS.”

If this was not bad enough, he was also started up beef with Meek Mill, taunted the family and fans of late rapper King Von, and engaged in a homophobic back and forth with Lil Nas X. Understandably, this put a large target on his back, and he reportedly had to fork over millions just to hire security to protect him. It was revealed that he was paying security $85/hr during the day and over $100/hr to secure him at night. While he had over a million dollars in cash, he failed to pay the $100k he racked up in security fees in Los Angeles and is reportedly being sued by one guard. 

To make matters worst, interest in the rapper began to die down, and he stopped releasing music and made fewer concert appearances. His last single, “KIKI,” failed to reach the height of his other songs, and several documentaries came out detailing his history as an informant. Even his baby mother had to release a statement letting people know that he is not involved in her or their daughters’ life so that people would stop threatening her. 

So where is 6ix9ine now and where’s his money? According to recent court documents, the rapper is flat broke and struggling to make ends meet. He was spending like crazy coming out of jail and had nothing left to show for it. He told the judge that he does not get the same advances he got before his career stalled and that he is not sure he will ever make the same kind of money again. In the same document, 6ix9ine reveals he has not toured in 2021, and does not have any bookings for 2022. He is currently being sued for $11.8 million in punitive and compensatory damages stemming from a 2018 robbery he was present for. 

6ix9ine famously cooperated with the police to help bring down the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods gang he was associated with. This helped him secure his release from prison. However, many predicted it would have irreversible ramifications on his career, which we are now seeing.  Wack 100 confirmed the state of 6ix9ine’s finances, saying he had to lend the rapper $20 for gas recently. “He’s down bad,” he said on social media.  Do you think Tekashi is telling the truth about his financial status? Or is he just downplaying his income to get over in court? 

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