What Happened Between Doja Cat And Her Paraguayan Fans That Has Her Ready To Quit Music

Doja Cat is currently on the bad side of her fans in South America. The “Say So” star is on her world tour with several stops in the continent but got some harsh critiques from fans following a canceled show in Paraguay that has her ready to quit music. So what exactly happened? Fans are torn online and debating if maybe it’s just a miscommunication or poorly timed joke that’s got everyone upset? Let’s take a look and see what went down.

The facts are that Doja, Machine Gun Kelly, and The Foo Fighters were all in town to headline the Asuncionico 2022 – Music Festival. Unfortunately, inclement weather in the region made it impossible for everyone to perform, and the shows were canceled. It was reported that angry fans took to Twitter to call out Doja Cat for not performing and not coming outside to greet fans who waited for her in the rain in front of her hotel. Those in support of Doja felt that she owed the fans nothing and should not have been expected to try to accommodate them, especially when so much was outside of her control. Unfortunately for Doja, Machine Gun Kelly found a way to still put on a show for fans outside of his hotel, so people felt she should have been able to do the same. They flooded her mentions with hate and derogatory remarks, even calling her the N-word, amongst other things. One fan pointed out that Doja Cat how interesting it was for Doja Cat to finally be considered a black woman now that people are mad at her. “I’m just going to point out that Doja Cat is being considered a black woman today [..] now that she’s being call racial slurs… yet her blackness has been invalidated for years bc she’s got a white parent […] We need to stop considering ppl “black” when it’s convenient.”

A distraught Doja took to Twitter in a now-deleted tweet to say that she is done and cannot handle the pressure put on her. She plans on quitting music and leaving it all behind. Local fans say this is not the full story and that while some are in the wrong for calling her out her name, Doja actually does owe fans an apology. According to one fans account posted on reddit, Doja Cat’s fans lined up outside of both the airport and hotel to greet her. Paraguay does not get festivals often, once every decade, according to the user, so fans often go above and beyond to show their appreciation. In most recent times, Billie Eilish was set to tour South America in 2020, but it was canceled due to the pandemic. While the subredditer agrees that Doja owed everyone nothing, it still would have been nice of her to acknowledge the fans waiting outside in the storm, especially after the show was canceled.

To make matters worst, it was reported that Doja did leave her hotel that night to throw a private party at a nearby bar, where she acted very rude and condescending to attendees. It is rumored that Doja asked that no one address her or look her in the eyes. She also reportedly liked some tweets that made fun of the locals and their socioeconomic situation. The Tweet says, “These Paraguay people can’t even afford food for their kids, what business do they have attending a concert??”

To make matters worst, Doja reportedly tweeted the next morning that she was offended to come outside of her hotel and see no one there. Fans were confused by this and promptly reminded her how they waited outside in the rain all night. This is when the hate comments began, and the story started to take own a life of its own, leading to her reportedly wanting to quit music.

Doja has continued her tour, hitting up Brazil next and admitting in a tweet that she did not give them her best show, possibly an effect of the ongoing beef with Paraguay. “This ain’t for me, so I’m out. Y’all take care,” she said in one post. In another tweet, the pop artist declared she was a fool to believe she was made for this nightmare.

A fan responded, “Stop playing the victim, there is a limit, and you made fun of poverty, what a disillusion, sad,” while sharing the tweet Doja liked. Another shared a post calling Doja Cat Public Enemy #1 with her picture. Under her post about performing in Brazil, Paraguaying fans shared their disappointment in her not even acknowledging their country. “Not a single photo being in Paraguay, not a single tweet, not a single Instagram story!!!! You made us empty!!”

Another clarified again that they were upset about her ignoring them and not the canceled show. “the fans are mad because she totally ignored them after being in the hotel for three days and two nights in Asunción..” If all of this is true, should Doja issue an apology to the fans in Paraguay? Also is the backlash enough for her to quit music?

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