What Does Cook County Dropping R. Kelly Charges Mean For The Singer? Cook County Releases Statement

There’s some good news for R. Kelly. Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx has announced the county has decided to drop all charges against the disgraced singer. The decision comes following R. Kelly’s two federal convictions. While this seems like a celebration for R. Kelly and his diehard fans, they may not want to celebrate too soon. Although Cook County charges are being dropped, the singer will still face the majority of his remaining days behind bars.  

“Back in 2019, I stood in this very room and asked for any who was a victim of crimes perpetrated by Mr. Kelly to come forward,” Foxx stated at the opening of her announcement. According to Foxx, the county received hundreds of tips surrounding R. Kelly and evidence to pin down the singer down. Cook County eventually filed charges on February 22, 2019. While discussing the office’s decision to drop all charges, Foxx says her office has chosen not to spend additional resources due to the amount of time the singer is already facing. She also thanked the survivors.

What does all of this mean for R. Kelly? Not so much. The prosecutor dropped all charges because the singer is already facing 30 years behind bars, and they feel like he has been held accountable for his actions. In addition to spending 30-years behind bars for his New York conviction, R. Kelly will receive an additional sentence in Chicago on February 23rd facing 10 to 90 years in Illinois. The singer is also facing another case in Hennepin County, Minnesota. Not to mention, the singer will be at least 80 years old when he is released. 

In addition to all of the legal bad news, R. Kelly’s catalog value has plummeted significantly. In 2021, the singer attempted to sell the catalog to help with money issues, but could not find anyone interested. Billboard suggests his catalog could be worth up to $21 million. However, his federal convictions have more than likely reduced that number significantly. 

Last year R. Kelly’s lawyers argued the singer was destitute after losing $900 million. The disgraced singer’s radio airplay has also dropped by 98% since the Surviving R. Kelly documentary dropped, according to Billboard. R. Kelly also does not have a record label backing him after Sony parted ways with R. Kelly back in 2019.   On January 18, 2019, the singer was removed from the label’s website. Sony’s move came after various backlash from the Surviving R. Kelly document, Me Too Movement and various accusations.

Despite dropping the singer, Sony still owns rights to the majority of his music. In 2022, a new album by R. Kelly surfaced online titled “I Admit It.” Within hours the album climbed the iTunes music charts, but was immediately taken down by Sony Records. The label then released a statement claiming the album was ‘bootleg.’ R. Kelly also denied having anything to do with the music release. From behind bars the singer stated he has no interest in releasing music while he’s fighting for an appeal.

It was later discovered the album was released by  Los Angeles-based label Real Talk Entertainment.

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