Wendy Williams Staff Struggling Financially After Working For Free Since January

Wendy Williams has been struggling to regain her name and her fortune. The daytime talk show giant has been off the air for almost a year now, and in that time, she’s seen her show come to an end and her time slot handed over to Sherri Shephard. To make it worse, things have continued to deteriorate for her behind the scenes. Williams health remains in question as videos of her slurring her words have hit the net. Claims that she is unfit to manage her own bank accounts have been persisting in the media as well.

Back in May, reports broke that Williams’ accounts had been frozen after it was suspected that she was being taken advantage of by someone on her team. According to her attorney, La’Shawn Thomas, Williams was initially shut out of her finances following a request to see her own bank statements. Shortly after, she was placed under financial guardian by Wells Fargo, who stated she was an “incapacitated person.” They deemed Williams a “victim of undue influence and financial exploitation.”

Wendy’s staff had expressed concerns for her months following her eventual downfall. While many deemed her ex-husband Kevin Hunter to be the real problem behind the scenes, Williams seemed to be giving everyone hell as well. After having everyone one on edge for her last season in person, she sent them into a tailspin when she could not return for her final season. Luckily for them, Sherri Shephard swooped in and helped save the series and staff. When The Wendy Williams Show finally wrapped, it was announced that Wendy’s entire staff would be moving to Sherri’s show in the fall as her permanent team.

Lucky for them, as Williams has not been able to pay any remaining staff for months. Wendy Williams’s accounts have been frozen since January and remain that way. She expected money to be released last month, but this never happened. Her American Express card was also shut down as well. As a result, her team is waiting on checks that have not arrived. The Sun reports, “Her team has not been paid since these accounts were shut. Her manager is relatively new, but there are people who have been working for her this entire time, and they haven’t seen a dime since the accounts were closed either.” Many have been working for free and are starting to reach their limit with the daytime host.

Some reports maintain that Williams is not completely broke and is getting an allowance through her financial guardianship. Unfortunately, she is not earning enough from that to be able to pay anyone on her staff. Her new business manager Will Selby is fighting hard to regain control of her accounts and has been trying to assure Wells Fargo that the previous people involved in Williams finances who were mismanaging them are no longer present. “He is hoping that by being able to show that Wendy has severed ties with certain people, that she has a chance to regain access to her money at some point.”

Wendy continues to display disturbing behavior, including announcing last week that she was married and appearing incoherent while being questioned by paparazzi outside of her apartment building.

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