Wendy Williams Show Wrapped On Friday, And She’s Already Back, Announces Podcast Deal

Wendy Williams Show Debuted In 2009

It was a long road to television for media mogul Wendy Williams. She spent years working her way through the ranks of radio before scoring a major radio show on WBLS in New York. Wendy quickly became the go-to for hot topics and celebrity gossip. This would culminate in explosive interviews with Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. 

Television soon came knocking. After a failed talk show pilot in the ’90s, Williams scored a television special with VH1. The show helped solidify her as one to watch, and quickly networks were fighting to get her on the air. Within her first week of interviews, she got into a shade-off with Omarosa Manigault Newman that made her show instantly feel like must-see TV. The Wendy Williams show would go on to run for 14 seasons, ended this past week. 

Wendy Williams Hasn’t Been On The Show Since Spring 2021

Wendy Williams became a real-life hot topic in recent years. After much speculation, it was confirmed that her husband, Kevin Hunter, was indeed having an affair that had been going on for years. He would father a child with the other woman, something that sent Williams off the deep end. The talk show host turned to drugs and drinking, and was eventually checked into rehab. Coupled with her ongoing health issues, things were not looking good for Williams. She has Graves Disease and lymphedema. 

Despite rebounding momentarily during season 12, a battle with Covid-19 along with everything else she was going through meant that her 13th season got delayed. When it did officially return, it was sans Wendy. Her 13th season would end in a series finale with Williams never returning to her purple chair. Her timeslot, staff, and show budget will now go to Sherri Shephard, whose original talk show will debut in the fall after months of standing in for Wendy. 

Wendy Williams Show Ended In 2022

The Wendy Williams Show series finale had fans very upset. After a month of no Williams, some assumed she might be allowed back to give her show a proper send-off. Despite being silent for months, Williams was starting to make appearances again this year. She went to a Met Gala after-party, made her own personal IG account, and did several interviews showing off her improving health. 

Unfortunately, this was not enough to earn her the right to appear in her own finale. It’s unclear if Williams was invited or decided not to come, but fans were upset either way. “Why watch when @WendyWilliams won’t even be there?!? That’s messed up!!! #WendyWilliamsShow

The Wendy Williams Show Is Owned By Debmar-Mercury

Debmar-Mercury is the behind the Wendy Williams Show. They are an American television company responsible for such shows as Key & Peele, South Park, several Tyler Perry Television properties, and other notable talk shows. This includes Sherri Shephard’s fall series and Nick Cannon’s short-lived talk show that was initially speculated to be replacing Wendy. 

While the show bears her namesake, Wendy Williams does not own the Wendy show. As a result, if the company decides she cannot come back for the finale, there is nothing she is able to do about it. Some are speculating that Wendy’s ongoing legal battle with Wells Fargo over her accounts has kept Debmar-Mercury from welcoming her back. Some think that the company actually pushed for the conservatorship that Wendy is wrapped up in right now to keep her from trying to sue for show rights or anything related to the program as a brand.

Others feel that Williams was on the oust with DM for years now, thanks to all the drama behind the scenes with her and her husband. Many said that Williams and Hunter made it a hard-working environment and struggled with the two of them as producers. While Hunter was fired ahead of Williams getting sick, some said that she was no better on her own and actually more out of control, drinking and disrespecting staff. In a recent statement released to Extra TV, Wendy and Debmar-Mercury maintain that their split was amicable and that she is moving on to new things.

Wendy Williams Is Entering The Podcast World 

It’s a podcast world, thanks to the massive success of streaming giants like Spotify and Apple Music. With the likes of Joe Rogan scoring multi-million dollar deals to talk on air, it would make sense for Williams next endeavor to be a return to her radio roots. Speaking with Extra TV, she revealed that she would indeed be returning to the on air space but as a podcaster now. She will be joining Apple Music iTunes but has yet to reveal when and what kind of show it’ll be. Fans are sure to be excited and anxious for this next phase of her career. 

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