Wendy Williams Publicist Shuts Down Hospitalization Rumors, Says Talk Show Host Is No Longer In New York

Wendy Williams is dealing with health issues again. The talk shows giant lost her entire empire following compounded problems with her health and marriage. It seems like both things continue to haunt her, as her ex-husband keeps trying to get her for alimony, her health has taken a turn for the worst again, and she’s reportedly been hospitalized twice in the last few years.

Wendy Williams has had health issues dating back decades. The star experienced several miscarriages in her radio days while trying to have a child with ex-husband Kevin Hunter. Eventually, she had to be put on bed rest to be able to bring her pregnancy to term. Years later, Williams was diagnosed with lymphedema and Graves disease. While one causes extreme swelling in her feet, the other makes her eyes bulge and cause regular fatigue. Williams soldiered on and continued to host her show, but things would only get worst for her.

After collapsing on screen, Wendy admitted that her illness were progressing. No longer able to wear heels on her hit show, she would often show off her sneaker collection and talk about the pain in her feet. When it was revealed that her husband, Kevin Hunter, had fathered a child in his affair, Williams’s health took a nose dive aided by alcoholism and drug abuse. Eventually, she got COVID-19 as well and had to miss an entire season of her series, causing the show to be canceled.

Williams has been spotted out and about in recent months, with fans hoping to see a glimmer of who she used to be. Instead, Williams is often incoherent and babbling while wandering around stores or running to her vehicle with the assistance of security.

She reportedly ended up back in the hospital weeks ago, and it looked pretty scary. According to Perez Hilton, “At one point, they did not think she was going to come out the other side OK, or at all. The fact that she was able to record something to apologize for canceling her appearance at the Expo is a good sign that she’s on the mend now.”

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