Wendy Williams Fans Planning To Boycott Final Episode and Sherri Shepard’s New Show After Talk Show Host Was Left Of Finale

It’s the end of an era. Wendy Williams show is finally coming to a close, and it’s been a really rough final season for the daytime staple as she has been completely absent from it. As the network preps Sherri Shephard to officially step into Wendy’s slot, fans have declared their eternal support for the former radio shock jock and are claiming that they will be boycotting the upcoming series finale. 

Variety announced that The Wendy Williams Show would air its finale this week after 13 years. They reported that the final episode would be much like the rest of the season, Wendy-less. Instead of the host coming back for a final bow, they will be running a video montage of her greatest moments. 

It’s been a strange final season for fans who spent months in suspense wondering if Wendy was even okay. The September premiere got pushed back several times after it was revealed that Williams was suffering from complications in connection to her catching COVID-19 and existing health issues with Graves Disease and lymphedema. When the show did return, it was sans Williams. Stepping up to help was a revolving door of celebrities. Sherri Shepherd held down hosting duties for much of the season alongside Leah Remini, Michelle Visage, Terrance J, and even Fat Joe. Williams was also said to be coping with relapsing into drugs and alcohol following her messy divorce, ex-husband fathering a child with his mistress, and the death of her mother. 

Some hope was restored this year when Wendy launched a personal Instagram account and began making small interviews and appearances, including popping up at the Met Gala. Despite her claims that the network is ready to welcome her back at a moment’s notice, it seems the finale will not be the place she gets to make her glorious return. 

This fall, Sherri Shephard will officially be taking over Wendy’s slot with her own program titled Sherri. Much of the staff from Wendy Williams show are rolling over with her, but she will have a new set and her own tailored show format. 

Fans are split on if they want to support Sherri, but some have made it clear that they are team, Wendy. One fan tweeted, “@WendyWilliams I don’t think I’ll be watching the Sherri Shephard show. She has guests on that I have no idea who they are and was hoping Wendy would be back. Wherever Wendy goes, I’ll go.” Other fans made it more personal by addressing some of Sherri’s past, “The only way I’m watching #SherriShephard new show is if she addresses her not taking care of the child she has with her ex-husband. How can you not want to be a part of your own child’s life?” Some just don’t think she’s a good host at all, tweeting, “I love the prior guest hosts…Sherri Shephard tries too hard to be funny…there is a disconnect!”

In regards to Wendy’s farewell episode, fans are not too happy about it either and are opted not to watch since they will not get to see Williams give a proper goodbye. “Why watch when @WendyWilliams won’t even be there?!? That’s messed up!!! #WendyWilliamsShow” said one fan. Other fans feel that the network was always trying to get rid of Wendy and finally got their way. “so you’re just going to end out the Wendy Williams show without Wendy? You guys know who you are, and you are trying to get rid of her, and if anyone’s a real Wendy fan, we won’t watch this nor support it if Wendy’s not there, this is not okay. I’m really upset by this.” 

Will you be watching the Wendy Williams Show finale or support Sherri in the fall? 

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