Week One Of Tory Lanez Trial Ends In Chaos With One Key Witness Missing

Many people are beginning to believed Tory Lanez paid Kelsey Harris following yesterday’s testimony from Megan Thee Stallion’s former friend. Kelsey Harris was gearing up to be the star witness in the Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion trial. She is the only other person who was in the car with them at the time of the fight and is said to have played a large part in the events of the evening. Kelsey Harris confused everyone with her vague testimony on Wednesday and seemed to be hiding something.

Kelsey Harris was formerly best friends with Megan Thee Stallion. Obviously, her testimony today proves that friendship no longer exists, and Kelsey Harris seemed more focused on holding Megan The Stallion accountable for lying than helping the court find out who discharged the weapon that evening. Harris pleaded the fifth when asked if Lanez threatened to shoot her, despite having previously admitted that he did. Instead, she focused on making sure the judge knew that Megan was drunk and went back to the party for Tory even though they initially left without him. Kelsey also says that she was unaware that Meg and Tory had been intimate and only found out that evening.

The most confusing part of the day was when Kelsey asked for immunity. The prosecutors already said they had no plans to charge her with anything; however, with Lanez’s team looking to pin the shooting on her, it could be possible there is more to the story than we know. Harris also had gunpowder residue on her hands, and based on everyone’s testimonies; she is equally involved in the fight as Lanez and Megan.She revealed that she and Megan met Tory Lanez at a Roc Nation brunch together, and Megan had pushed her to pursue him. However, when she went back home to Houston with COVID, Megan and Lanez started hooking up.

Megan appeared annoyed at the pool party when she saw Lanez getting flirty with Kylie Jenner, and this is allegedly what set her off. Despite these new tidbits, Kelsey for the most part did not provide much and kept alleging to being too drunk to remember, despite a recorded testimony in September where she remembered a lot more. However, the jury cannot use this confession since she alleges that parts of it are inaccurate. She also blames her bad memory on postpartum depression and the recent passing of her father.

As if this trial hasn’t been crazy enough, now Megan Thee Stallion’s former bodyguard has gone missing. Megan Thee Stallion’s former bodyguard, Justin Edison was scheduled to testify in court on Friday and never arrived. According to reports, no one has heard from Justin Edison, who’s another key figure in Tory Lanez’s trial. Megan’s former friend and assistant, Kelsey text Justin frantically following the altercation revealing Tory harmed Megan. The female rapper’s attorney, Alex Spiro spoke exclusively with The Shade Room and said, “We recently learned that Justin Edison went missing night before he was scheduled to appear in court.”

Spiro claims LAPD is currently looking into his appearance. However, according to TMZ, LAPD does not have an open case relating to Edison’s whereabouts. TMZ also states that Edison’s disappearance has not reach the point of LAPD classifying him as a missing person. Days after the incident, Edison vowed to protect Megan Thee Stallion at any and all cost. Edison insisted she wouldn’t have been hurt if he was present.

We’ll keep you posted as we receive more information relating to Justin Edison and any additional trial updates.

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