Was Jay Ellis Ever Told To Keep His Wife Private To Protect His Character On Insecure?

Here comes your favorite celebrity down the aisle in another marriage. Unfortunately, history has shown that many people find it hard to accept certain celebrities in relationships with partners outside of their race. And now, with the news of an Insecure actor exchanging vows with his longtime girlfriend, some fans are up in arms.

Insecure actor Jay Ellis has reportedly made the decision to marry his longtime girlfriend, Nina Senicar. During his 2017 interview with The Breakfast Club, Ellis revealed that he’d been in a “very happy relationship,” although he didn’t tell who. But it was quickly revealed that Jay Ellis had been in a relationship with the Serbian actress and model. After giving birth to their first child in 2019, the couple recently decided to get married finally. However, once alerted to the news, social media offered their fiery opinions.

Jay Ellis posted the photo of the lovely couple on their wedding day, and fans noticed that the comment section was closed. Perhaps, this was due to it being in shambles. But that didn’t stop them from moving to other areas such as “Black Twitter” and different comment sections on Instagram. One fan came to his defense calling the criticism disgusting. “Y’all harassing Jay Ellis on his Instagram photos of his wedding just because he married a white woman is a little gross for me. She doesn’t deserve that and neither does he.”

Jay Ellis became a household name after appearing in HBO’s Insecure. Throughout the series, Ellis played a character named Lawrence – who was a very complex black man, juggling the ups and down of his career, relationship with Issa Rae and fatherhood. Viewers who supported the character were known as ‘Team Lawrence,’ but many did not know much about his personal life.

Following the announcement of his marriage, many fans believed Jay Ellis purposefully kept his wife a secret due to Insecure’s fanbase being predominately black women. According to one Twitter user, tiktok users started this rumor. “Apparently the TikTok girlies are claiming that Jay Ellis strategically “hid” his now wife until after Insecure was over. I don’t agree but i also don’t care. If you really followed him then you knew about her.”

Issa Rae was recently a guest on Charlamagne Tha God’s new show, “Hell Of A Week” when the host grilled her during a round of fact or cap. During the segment, Charlamagne asked the Insecure creator is it ‘Fact or Cap’ that ‘You told jay Ellis aka Lawrence to tuck his love for his Nubian white queen so he doesn’t turn off his fan base. Fact or Cap, Issa.” A surprised Issa Rae was completely thrown off by the question calling Charlamagne Tha God messy. However, she did clear any rumors relating to Jay Ellis and his wife stating that rumor is completely untrue, and that’s all she will say.

This isn’t the first time rumors surrounding Jay Ellis hiding his wife has surfaced. Last year, it was rumored that his publicist instructed him to keep his wife off his Instagram page. Jay Ellis has yet to respond to any of these speculation.

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