Wack 100 Claims Master P Is Broke and Renting Home After Being Evicted From Previous Home

Is Master P broke? The entrepreneur’s wealth has been called into question in recent weeks following his son Romeo Miller bringing their family squabble into the spotlight. Romeo has had a successful career as a child star and rapper but confessed to his dad squandering the family fortune to support his expensive lifestyle. Wack 100 came forward earlier this year and confirmed that Master P is indeed not the mogul he wants us all to believe.

Master P has been busy plugging his breakfast cereal collaboration with Snoop Dogg following a lengthy battle to secure their brand’s name. He might actually be looking to make some quick cash to keep himself afloat, according to how Wack painted out his financial situation to be back in January. Wack claimed that Master P did not own his home and was actually just put out of one that is owned by one of Wack’s friends. “My homeboy own the house. They just put him out. He had to move two houses down. I know the old white [woman] who been taking care of him.”

Wack 100 calls Master P broke and claims he’s been living off an older white woman who has been supporting him, in addition to whatever money he’s been pocketing off his kids. Romeo recently said that his father lied to him about their ownership of Rap Snacks and that they had not received a dime of that money in over 15 years. Wack confirmed during his rant that around that same time, Master P lost access to his songs masters and does not earn a dime off them. “Feds took that to pay taxes,” Wack alleges.

Wack says that Master P is leasing a house in Calabasas and “fronting.” He goes on to say that people get mad anytime he speaks the truth but confirms that he knows the truth. Master P responded at the time by saying, “BROKE is a mindset; HATE is a disease.”

Master P dismissed Wack for comparing his wealth to that of Nick Cannon and went on to ask that they empower the community together rather than tear it down. His response to Romeo recently was similar, asking that they be an example for others and not bicker in public.

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