Update On Tim Norman’s Case, Three Individuals Involved Sentenced, One Remaining

Tim Norman is currently behind bars in connection to the passing of his nephew. The former reality star has been claiming his innocence since the beginning, with his mother, Ms. Robbie, even defending him in the media. So what has been the update on Tim since he was found guilty?

Tim Norman put together a team of people to take out his nephew in hopes of cashing in on some insurance money. This team included his insurance agent Waiel Rebhi Yaghnam, famous for his work on Nelly’s early music. Waiel helped Norman forge the documents and try to cash in on Andre Montgomery’s passing. They also hired a local dancer Terica Ellis to lure Andre and a man named Travell Anthony Hill to finish the job. Ms. Robbie has been pretty quiet since, focusing instead on the closing of her flagship location and the holiday season.

It has been reported that Travell Hill was sentenced to 32 years behind bars for his involvement. The 31-year-old Missouri resident pleaded guilty last June and was sentenced in September for the 2016 incident. Travell says he met Tim on the day of the incident and was instructed to take Andre’s life. He was also told a woman would be giving him Andre’s location later in the day. He was paid $5000 for his involvement.

Waiel Rebhi Yaghnam was sentenced to three years behind bars for his participation. According to the New York Post, “Waiel Rebhi Yaghnam, 44, pleaded guilty to federal charges in July [2022], admitting he conspired with Tim Norman on the policy on Norman’s nephew, Andre Montgomery Jr.” The NY Post also had details on the policy they took out.

Terica Ellis was also given three years behind bars for role in the passing of Andre Montgomery. She lured Andre to the location where Travell was waiting to take him out. She was reportedly paid $10k for her role in the plot. Ellis is 39 years old. She pleaded guilty to her charges as well and was sentenced earlier this month.

Tim Norman is the only one fighting his charges. The reality star maintains his innocence despite his whole team spilling on what went down. He was convicted in September. Norman and his team argue that Travell, Terica, and Waiel gave shaky testimony and had close family and friends testify about how close Tim and Andre were. He claims that he and his mother were actually investigating Andre over a robbery, but Tim says he would never have planned to hurt his nephew.

Tim Norman sentencing is expected to take place next month.

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