Update On Migos Rappers Offset and Quavo’s Relationship Following Takeoff’s Passing

The passing of TakeOff is still a sore topic for friends, family, and fans. The late rapper left a huge hole in his respective communities, who are all still in mourning. Prior to his life being taken, his group Migos was already fractured. Has his passing brought members Quavo and Offset back together, or are they still at odds? 

Quavo’s last social media post prior to TakeOff’s passing was a Halloween picture from the very day before the shootout in Houston, TX. Sporting matching camouflage outfits, the guys posed it up for the camera. “Real Soldiers Or Super Villain,” Quavo captioned the clip. Following the incident, he posted a lengthy dedication to his nephew on November 12, followed by a photo collage of them as children growing up together.  Quavo would not resurface on social media again till January 4 with the release of “Without You,” a song dedicated to TakeOff. “Long Live Take Infinity ♾️ 🚀,” he said in the caption. The clip showed him in the studio smoking as the music played. 

Quavo has not had an easy go since losing his nephew. He was reportedly the one who caused the fight that got TakeOff shot in the first place. While he spoke at his funeral, Quavo would not be seen again till New Year’s. He stepped out with Diddy, Drake, and several others at an island bash thrown by the Bad Boy mogul. French Montana was also present and said he shared some words of wisdom with Quavo. French had also lost his best friend Chinx in a shooting and said that he encouraged Quavo to not linger in a dark place too long. 

Offset also made a lengthy post and photo gallery of him and TakeOff. Since then, he’s been posting gradually, with captions like “Life will never be the same #LL 🚀 4L” and “Missing everything bout you, especially that smile.” He posted a video of them doing a handshake in the studio around Thanksgiving, saying, “still unreal.” 

His wife, Cardi B, has opened up in different interviews about how hard it’s been to help Offset cope. The rapper has been having meltdowns on social media as well. On January 25, he tweeted, “come back bra!” Back in December, he said, “Shit not easy fake smiling and shit tryna keep walking with my head up.” 

Despite pleas from fans, there has been no public display of reconciliation between Quavo and Offset. One fan tweeted recently, “I really hope Offset and Quavo start performing together again.” Many feel like the men should squash their beef and come together for their families and fans. 

One gossip blogger completely fed up with the division is TTE Notti. During a recently episode of Pop Austin Media, he vented about Offset and Quavo not talking and how its not allowing TakeOff to rest in peace. “Why is ya’ll not talk!?” he yelled. “You think TakeOff would want that? Let me tell you how he lived his life, they don’t even know what types of cars he had.” TTE says that TakeOff was very humble and not super flashy like his group members. “Bruh not really resting in peace homie,” he concludes. Many people share his same opinion.

It’s long since been rumored that Offset and Quavo had a falling out over rapper Saweetie. Quavo insinuated in the song “Messy” that Saweetie and Offset had an affair, which was never confirmed. Cardi B recently spoke to Jason Lee about it and said that she went straight to the source to find out if it was true. According to her, Offset never slept with Saweetie. 

Hopefully, Quavo and Offset reunite soon. Fans having been calling for them to squash their beef since the passing of Takeff.

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