Tyrese’s Daughter Shayla Gibson Is Now 14-Years-Old, Singer Is Sending Her Off To High School With A Brand New Rolls Royce

Shayla Gibson Is The Daughter Of Tyrese and His Ex-Wife Norma Gibson

Actor and singer Tyrese Gibson shares a 14-year-old daughter with his ex-wife Norma Gibson. Many may be familiar with Shayla Gibson as she frequently joined her father on red carpets over the years. During the premiere of last year’s F9, a proud Tyrese shouted out the growing teen who has become a young lady right before his fans eyes. “Shay please stop growing up PLEASE!!!!!! My forever baby my firstborn my world my everything!”

Tyrese revealed in a post from 2019 that Shayla is Jewish and speaks fluent Hebrew. In a series of pictures, Tyrese says that “11 years ago I took my first trip to Israel to meet the rest of the family and had a spiritually LIFE changing and LIFE altering time.” Ty encourages Shayla to always be a world citizen and never be limited to her neighbor or locale. “I have encouraged my little girl to never have a ‘local’ or ‘on my block’ view… Being able to travel and open your mind and spirit to new people, cultures and religions have changed me forever.”

The Divorce Between Tyrese and Norma Gibson Turned Nasty

Unfortunately, the divorce between Tyrese and Norma was tough, and Shayla suffered as a result. The pair had a bitter custody battle where Norma claimed that Tyrese had some concerning methods when it came to disciplining their daughter and that he was physically abusive. This led to a restraining order in 2017. 

Tyrese fired back, claiming that Norma was lying about any physical abuse and that it had been ruining his career. According to court documents, Tyrese reported that his income had dropped significantly from $180k a month to $50k due to the ongoing custody battle. At the time, he was paying $10,853 a month in child support.  Tyrese said the court case milked his bank account and that he only had about $130k in the bank after already spending $200k on lawyers and court fees for “false and baseless domestic abuse allegations.”

By 2019, Tyrese was back in court with Norma and suing her over letting Shayla sleep over at a friend’s house while mom was on vacation. Tyrese claims his daughter should have been left in his care and not in the care of a friend and that the decision violated their custody agreement. At the time, he was also taking her to court in connection to child care bills he was receiving that were not in line with the agreements they had made either. 

Tyrese Had A Melt Down On Social Media

Fans will recall the infamous Tyrese crying video that resulted from these cases. In it, he pleaded with Norma not to take his baby away. “What more do you want from me? Don’t take my baby away,” he begged in the clip. At the time, Tyrese claims he had not been able to see his daughter in over two months. 

The distraught Tyrese wore a hoodie that said “Shay Rocks” and told the camera, “This is all I got.” The 3-minute IG live terrified fans who became concerned for his mental health. “I’m not doing anything illegal. And I doing something illegal by doing this video? The situation became so grim that, for a while, Tyrese was forced to blur his daughter’s face in social media posts. 

Shayla Graduated From Middle School, Class of 2022

Shayla Gibson is now a middle school graduate and her father celebrated the accomplishment in a huge way. Tyrese is currently in England working and was not able to attend her graduation, so instead, he sent a big gift in his absence.  In a post on his social media, Tyrese explained that he felt horrible for not being able to be present for his growing girl. So he and Norma were able to work together to orchestrate a congratulations surprise that included a giant truck equipped with television screens on four sides that played a video montage of family memories. 

Hitched to the truck was a brand new white Rolls Royce with pink balloons on top that spelled out the teen’s name. “it’s very very clear that my daughter felt all that love that I arranged from London……. Thank you Momma Norma, for being there. congratulations to our angel SHAYLA [ Princess ] Gibson you did it baby you have made daddy sooooooo proud!!!!!” 

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