Tyler Perry Has Worked With Chris Rock And Has A Soundstage Named After Will Smith, After The Oscars It’s Been Hard Balancing Both Friendships

People Are Still Talking About Oscars 2022

The 2022 Academy Awards were held on March 27th of this year. Some time has passed between the event and the present day. However, one not-so-shining moment overshadowed the whole ceremony that is still being talked about as if it occurred yesterday.   You know about it. You may not have been watching the ceremony live as it aired. Still, social media abruptly captured the incident and spread it almost faster than the speed of sound. The incident was also highly covered by the news media for days and weeks to follow. And suppose you were to do a quick Twitter search on the incident. In that case, you’d undoubtedly be inundated with fresh updates on various hot takes from social media users. Go on. We’ll wait.

Various celebrities also offered their hot takes and opinions in interviews and continue to do so. Some of the most recent to speak on the matter have been fellow comedian and actor Marlon Wayans, who issued his thoughts on both The Breakfast Club and Big Boy’s Neighborhood. While speaking with The Breakfast Club, Wayans said it wouldn’t dare happen with him as his family is too big and wouldn’t stand for that.   While interviewing on The Howard Stern Show, Saturday Night Live comedian Michael Che said of the King Richard star that “we lost a legend.” However, he also defended Chris Rock against criticism that the moment was staged to sell tickets for his “Ego Death” tour.

Finally, Jada Pinkett Smith recently broke her silence surrounding the incident on a June 1st episode of Red Table Talk. She spoke about her wishes for them to “heal” as they are both “intelligent men.”   But in the midst of all those who have found themselves in the middle of the Oscars incident, one person feels especially torn. Tyler Perry, who spoke with Will Smith during the commercial break, has connections with both actors.

Tyler Perry and Chris Rock Worked Together On Nobody’s Fool

The relationship between Tyler Perry and Chris Rock apparently began when the comedian made a joke in his 2014 film Top Five. Rock referenced a Tyler Perry production named “Boo!” besting his film at the box office in the movie. This would then lead the Oscar-winning creator to produce an actual Boo! A Madea Halloween film in 2016. The sequel, Boo 2! was released the following year.

But that was only the beginning. Chris Rock told The Hollywood Reporter that he ran into the head of Lionsgate by chance at a friend’s wedding and “half-jokingly” stated that he didn’t receive a commission from the success of Perry’s film. However, the conversation led to Chris Rock being pivotal in the Saw film franchise continuation, Spiral.   Interestingly enough, Chris Rock happened to also star in a Tyler Perry film. When he was asked in a 2012 interview with Vibe if he would ever do a Tyler Perry movie, Rock insinuated that he wouldn’t pass on any great script. But in 2018, the actor appeared in his 2018 film, Nobody’s Fool alongside Tika Sumpter, Tiffany Haddish, and Whoppi Goldberg.

Tyler Perry Named A Soundstage After Will Smith

Will Smith also shares quite the relationship with Tyler Perry. In February of this year, the Madea Homecoming star listed Will Smith as one of his inspirations to Entertainment Weekly. Multiple reports also show that Smith’s highly anticipated Bad Boys for Life was filmed at the immaculate Tyler Perry Studios in downtown Atlanta. Speaking of the phenomenon that is the Tyler Perry Studios, you may recall its star-studded opening. Will Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, were among those to commemorate the glorious event. The actor also captured his first visit to the studios and shared it on social media.

Tyler Perry and Denzel Washington Ran Backstage To Deescalate The Situation

Following the Oscar’s assault, multiple video angles captured Tyler Perry and Denzel Washington, seemingly consoling Will Smith. Many media outlets reported they were there to “comfort” the actor as he appeared to wipe tears away in the moment. Academy Award-winner Denzel Washington spoke with TD Jakes, stating that he and Tyler Perry prayed with Smith afterward. He then told the actor, “when the devil ignores you, you’re doing something wrong… Adversely, when the devil comes at you, maybe it’s because you’re doing something right.”

Tyler Perry Finds It Hard Being Friends With Both Will and Chris Rock

Months later, Tyler Perry is finally breaking his silence. The New Orleans-born mogul spoke with Gayle King, who called Chris Rock a “pure champion for the way he handled it.” According to PEOPLE, he also clarified that he was “deescalating” the situation, debunking previous reports that he was providing comfort. Instead, Perry says he exited early to check on the comedian.   The publication reports Perry’s comments to Will Smith. The Don’t Look Up star revealed that he admonished the actor for his “wrong” behavior. Additionally, he shared that it was “painful” for both parties, and this experience has made friendships with both of them admittedly “difficult.”

Tyler Perry Can Relate To Will Smith’s Trauma

One of the reasons that Tyler Perry listed Will Smith as one of his inspirations was due to his 2021 memoir, Will. In the book, the actor describes his fragile relationship with his father, which ultimately caused years of mental anguish and trauma. Tyler Perry shared that after reading Smith’s memoir, he could relate to many of the stories that were told as he’s faced his own traumas with his father.  

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