Mo’Nique Has Three Siblings Who Have Kept A Very Private Life, But Now Two Are Calling Her Out For Her Latest Actions

Mo’Nique has been using DL Hughley’s family for fuel the last few days in battle over their comedy show that went wrong. While his daughter Ryan has spoken out in defense of her father, mother, and sister, Mo’Nique’s family has largely remained quiet and out of the mess besides, of course, her husband. Finally, her siblings have made statements criticizing their sister for her crazy antics. Let’s take a look at who Mo’s siblings are and what they have to say about her. 

Mo’Nique’s Brother Steve Imes Produced Phat Girlz and Hair Show

Mo’Nique has a brother named Steve Imes III, who was named after their father. Steve is listed as a producer with credits including Phat Girlz and Hair Show, both starring Mo’Nique. He also produced Mo’Nique’s Fat Chance in 2005, a television pageant for plus-sized women. IMDB lists him as Mo’Nique’s former manager. 

Mo’Nique’s Brother Gerald Appeared On Oprah’s Show In 2010

Gerald Imes is another one of Mo’Nique’s siblings. Mo and Gerald share a very complicated history that was explored during an Oprah interview in 2010 that was a large part of the Mo’Nique and Oprah fall out. According to Mo’Nique, she was violated by her brother for several years, starting when he was 13, and she was 7. Mo’Nique says she channeled him for her turn in Precious.  Gerald went on Oprah to confess what he’d been “in denial of for 37 years” in hopes of restoring peace to his family. Unfortunately, Gerald was also a victim of the same act and found it normal when he took advantage of Mo’Nique. He began substnces at 11 to cope.  Mo’Nique’s parents also appeared on the episode and expressed their shock at not knowing what took place in their home. Imes served 15 years in prison in connection to another girl he violated. Mo’Nique has stated in interviews that her brother’s apologies felt half-hearted and that he lied about how bad it actually was. 

Mo’Nique and Her Sister, Millicent, Have Been Beefing For Year

Mo’Nique also has a sister named Millicent. Millicent has been very critical of Mo’Nique in public, especially in connection to their mother’s passing in 2018. Millicent read her sister in a lengthy Facebook post when she basically asked her to humble herself after Mo’Nique turned down $500k from Netflix and tried getting people to boycott the network. “Everyone else can’t be wrong!” she declared. She ended her rant with, “mommies doing good if you wanted to know.” In the comments section, Millicent elaborated, stating that their mother had suffered two heart attacks and three strokes and was having extensive surgeries, and Mo’Nique had yet to check on her. 

Millicent Claims Mo’Nique Didn’t Attend Their Mother’s Funeral

Their mother, Alice Josephine Imes, would pass on June 5, 2018. Their father, Steven Imes Jr., passed two years prior, on July 23, 2016. In a new Facebook post, Millicent exposed Mo’Nique for not attending either of their funerals and urged her sister to stop the madness.  “YOU DID NOT show up to YOUR FATHER’S or YOUR MOTHER’S Funeral Service, I’m sure they forgive you because they know who their child USED TO BE!! I see you are making statements about other people’s children!!! so where are yours???”

Mo’Nique has four children, Mark Eric Jackson Jr., Shalon Calvin Jackson, and twins Jonathan and David Hicks. Her kids have remained out of the mess that she dragged DL Hughley’s kids into, but they have been her camera people on several of her outdoor walking rants. 

Elsewhere in the post, Millicent says that Mo’Nique is destroying an opportunity of a lifetime to restore her career. “Your career has been dead in the past, and now it’s about to come to LIFE, and now you are killing it again, and now the plug is about to be pulled on you, and YOU are about to be CANCELED, Again…This time it’s Flatline.”

Millicent believes that Mo’Nique needs to reconnect with her siblings and remember who she was before all of this if she hopes to really enjoy the comeback she’s fought so hard for. “Enough is Enough!! My Sister!! Stop the Madness!!! It’s not a good look!! At one time, the Stage and the WORLD was your Oyster. What you’re doing now is offensive to this family, OUR parents, and YOUR siblings.” 

Millicent ends her rant by declaring her love for her sister and hoping that she heeds her warnings. In his own comment, Gerald Imes chimed in, admitting that while Mo’Nique may not care to hear from him, he wants to see her win. “I am truly Happy. Happy to see you get another shot. however, just as fast as it came, it can leave again.”

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