Twitch’s Wife Blindsided By Him Taking His Life, Had No Idea He Was Struggling, Believed They Were Living A Beautiful Life

The world lost dancer and television personality Stephen “tWitch” Boss on December 13th, 2022, to suicide.

The shocking incident blindsided everyone who knew him as a bright light and energy in every community he was a part of. His wife, Allison Holker, agrees that his passing was unexpected, as she reveals that her husband showed no signs of their being any issues before taking his life.

Allison Holker is opening up for the first time since Stephen’s passing. She spoke with PEOPLE, where she admits to having very complicated emotions towards it all. “He didn’t want people to know. He just wanted to be everyone’s Superman and protector,” she said of her late husband.

Holker says that life was so beautiful for them and their children that she has really had to process the shock of it all, much like the rest of the world. “It’s been really hard because I can’t understand what was happening in that moment [when he died],” she reveals.

Despite her own personal battle with it all, Allison wants her husband to be remembered for the love and joy that he brought the world while doing the things he loved most.

She has since returned to social media and begun posting pictures of herself and her family. “My loves, we are stronger than you could ever imagine. And we will stand strong together as a unit and find the courage to hold each other up,” she said in a March post of herself and her children.

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