tWitch’s Social Media Posts Appeared Positive Prior To His Passing, Even Expressed Being Thankful For Life

Stephen “tWitch” Boss has been gone for over a week now, and details are emerging on his career path following his time on Ellen. tWitch had been a dancer for decades and used his charming energy to become one of the most popular personalities on daytime television. His work with Ellen made him and his wife household names, and they had big plans for their careers in the coming months.

tWitch had been working his way up through the dance community for a long time. After getting his start on the shortlived MTV series The Wade Robinson Project, he began popping up in music videos and performances for popular acts as well as other competition shows like Star Search. tWitch would eventually land a spot on So You Think You Can Dance, which changed his career trajectory. Not only did the show properly introduce him to America, but it also introduced him to his wife and fellow contestant, Allison Holker.

Ellen had a relationship with SYTYCD early on as well, performing a number with tWitch during the season 7 finale. Their relationship began there, and Ellen began incorporating the dancer in her show, eventually making him a DJ. As DJ tWitch, he became synonymous with the Ellen brand, participating in sketch and becoming a producer in its final years. During this time, he was also building his family with Holker, and the two gained a reputation as a power couple, dancing together on Dancing With the Stars and cohosting Ellen on episodes when the comedian was away. tWitch also returned to SYTYCD as a full-time judge.

Post Ellen, tWitch, and his wife were busy building their brand. While he had a solo hosting gig for The Real Dirty Dancing on Fox, the real work was the things he and Allison were doing. The pair dropped a holiday film on Thanksgiving called The Hip-Hop Nutcracker on Disney+. They also hosted a wedding series titled “Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings: Holiday Magic,” also on Disney+. Allison and tWitch had gotten into the world of athleisure, partnering with Dick’s Sporting Goods on the “DSG x tWitch + Allison Collection.”

Prior to taking his own life, tWitch appeared to be thankful for life. The former Ellen Show executive producer posed with his family the day before his Disney+ series dropped, saying, “Thankful for family. Thankful for health. Thankful for love. Thankful for life.” While his IMDB did not list a lot of upcoming work, his wife recently confirmed that they had plans to host more shows together. He and Allison were getting into the home renovation show world with an HGTV series titled “Living the Dream.”

According to ET Online, the show would be geared towards helping first-time homebuyers. Allison was also developing another series with HGTV that tWitch would have cohosted centered around them building a life-size Barbie Dream House in Malibu. The network revealed that they are unsure how they will proceed with the programs since both were scheduled to begin filming in January and they had already picked out a house.

In a statement, HGTV said, “our primary focus remains on wishing our best to Allison and the entire Boss family during this difficult time.” They confirmed they are considering different scenarios.

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