tWitch’s Mother, Connie Boss Alexander Speaks Out Following His Passing

tWitch‘s mother finally breaks her silence. The passing of the former TV DJ has devastated everyone, including those closest to him. The television personality leaves behind his family, including his wife, three children, one brother and his mother. Connie Boss Alexander is left to mourn her son, and shared a touching tribute to him today on her social media.

Connie is a loving mother who is very proud of her two sons. On her IG, she shared an image of her and her boys, saying, “So not sure if I missed it or not but in honor of #NationalSonsDay… My โค๏ธbeats! How I love these fellows! #Boymom4life ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™” Her last post with tWitch was a birthday shoutout back in September. “what strikes me is the man you have become…from a son and brother to a husband and father… I couldn’t have envisioned a better journey… Not always easy, but oh, the outcome is….everything!๐ŸŒ”

Connie was also very proud of her grandchildren and has “Gigi of three” listed on her IG bio. This year she participated in a challenge where she posted photos that brought her joy with no explanation for 10 days. She shared images of her grandkids blowing bubbles, tWtich holding one of his children when they were a newborn and another one of everyone at Disney World. She also shared photos of her health journey, getting a screening for breast cancer, and celebrating Juneteenth over the years. 

She and tWitch were very close, and she was incredibly proud of him, so understandably, she is gutted by all of this. On her story, she shared a tribute to her boy, saying, “family and friends, thank you for all the love, prayers, and encouragement. Please know I see all the messages, texts, posts, and the phone calls. I can’t use words right now. Please know I will reach out when I can. Please continue to keep us in prayer. Stephen Laurel, your mother loves you to eternity and beyond.”

tWitch was only 40 years old and left behind a vague note detailing some past challenges he could not overcome. His brother Cam has been sharing videos in his stories of him and tWitch dancing and caption one, “I miss you so much man…” 

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