Twitch’s Grandfather, Eddie Boss Remembers Him As A Light, Uncertain He Would Take His Own Life

Stephen “tWitch” Boss has left more questions than answers for those who loved him. The television personality passed last week under truly devastating circumstances, leaving behind his grieving family, friends, and fans. Because of his bubbly demeanor, people are finding it hard to believe he would harm himself. His grandfather joins that group of people, casting doubts on tWitch’s final moments.

tWitch is survived by his wife, Allison Holker, their three children, his mother, brother, and extended family. Allison was one of the first to release a statement since his passing, saying, “He was the backbone of our family, the best husband and father, and an inspiration to his fans.” Ellen also released a statement asking fans to pray for his family as they handle such a massive loss. His mother, Connie Boss, told her followers she simply did not have the words, while his brother declared how much he missed him on his IG story.

tWitch grandfather spoke to the Daily Mail this week and said he could not believe his grandson would take his own life. Eddy Boss, 84, said that the last time he spoke with tWitch, there was no sign of stress leading up to his final moments. “We spoke as recently as Saturday on more than one occasion,” he recalled. “He was the same happy-go-lucky person that he’s always been. We had no indication that anything was out of the ordinary.”

Eddy says that his last text message from his grandson read, “I love you, Dad-Dad.” Eddy feels like he does not have clarity on what happened, and that has given him reason to believe tWitch did not do this to himself. Eddy had a birthday a few days before tWitch’s passing, and tWitch took to IG with a dedication to his old man. “Shouting the BIGGEST HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY GRANDFATHER (DADA)! I love you! IG Fan help me wish him happy birthday!”

tWitch also celebrated a wedding anniversary a few days before his passing and seemed to be in great spirits. He and his wife have a Christmas special on Disney+ called the Hip-Hop Nutcracker that just debuted on November 25th. They also posted a beautiful Thanksgiving photo of the whole tribe a day before the film dropped, where he said, “Thankful for family. Thankful for health. Thankful for love. Thankful for life. Sending y’all so much love from our family to yours.”

It is unclear what could have set tWitch off in the midst of so many happy moments, which has many fans confused. His grandfather remembers him as a “humble, generous person” saying, “he brought light into everybody’s lives. We’re completely devastated right now.” Eddy Boss traveled from Arizona to Los Angeles to be with his family. He casts doubts on tWitch harming himself, saying he’s simply “not sure” his grandson would do this. Boss questions ‘why and where did it come from,” if so. However, tWitch did leave a note confirming that he did intend on ending his life due to past issues that he did not specify.

LAPD has confirmed that tWtich took his own life after discovering note. NYPost also shared photos of tWitch’s mom, Connie arriving in Los Angeles to help Allison make final arrangements.

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