TV Host Wendy Williams Discuss How She Outsmarted Ex-Husband Kevin Hunter

Wendy Williams has called herself a “plot-ative individual” in the past. The former daytime host says that she knows how to hit where it hurts and always has a plot up her sleeve. This is something ex-husband Kevin Hunter is learning the hard way, and he continues to deal with the fallout of getting both fired from Williams camp and divorced from the star. Let’s take a look at all his losses and how Wendy was pulling the strings all along.

Wendy William is notoriously divisive. Well before daytime, she was on the radio making enemies with everyone from Whitney Houston to Total to Mariah Carey. It makes sense why she would eventually fall for a man like Kevin Hunter. His street cred gave Wendy some protection and muscle to continue her hot topics. Together they built her empire, and he served as a manager and executive producer on all her projects. Kevin did all of this while quietly carrying on an affair for almost a decade that would result in him getting his mistress pregnant.

The whole fiasco derailed The Wendy Williams Shows and, coupled with her health issues, ensured that the host was never the same. While these days she is unrecognizable and off the radar, in the first few months following the split Wendy made sure to take several jabs at her husband in the media. This included her famously saying she would be going into her new season while he’d be changing diapers on The View.

Kevin admits that Wendy set him up for the ultimate embarrassment. Despite urging him to stay on her show after news of his new baby came out, he later discovered that she only did this to humiliate him. Williams would eventually service divorce papers and his pink slip on the same day, ensuring that he got dropped for all his duties as well. “I made him divorced and unemployed all in one day,” she recalled.

Despite asking for spousal support and child support, Hunter was denied. However, he did earn an unknown amount of severance pay from Williams a month that he was entitled to as long as she was working. Unfortunately, her show has since been canceled, and all of Williams’s money is tied up in a battle with her bank, who believes she’s been getting exploited by someone on her team.

Williams’s husband and son have been left out in the cold and are both scrambling to find money after mooching off the daytime host. Kevin Hunter Sr. is not backing down and has been taking to social media to try and explain the situation while lawyering up behind the scenes. He feels that Williams breached their marital settlement agreement and has hired Eric Pettus to represent him.

Pettus is a former NAACP Rep. He will be aided by NFL player case expert Amy Dawkins. They are looking to help Kevin recoup the money he feels he is owed by his ex-wife Wendy Williams. Kevin has said that it is not about Wendy as simply about making sure he and his son are taken care of.

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