While Rapper Trouble’s Family Lays Him To Rest Today, His Lady Friend Has Now Revealed Her Identity

Atlanta rapper Trouble was laid to rest today following the June 5th incident that claimed his life. The rising star was the victim of a domestic dispute that turned fatal as the estranged boyfriend of the woman he was sleeping with shot him in the chest in the middle of the night.  The funeral was held at House of Hope in the Decatur area of Atlanta. His celebration of life was live-streamed by 11Alive and was full of grieving family members, friends, and fans. The church guest all wore red to match the red flowers and decor of the church. Pastor E. Dewey Smith Jr delivered his eulogy. 

Since Troubles Passing, At Least Three Women Have Come Out As His Girlfriend 

Trouble had a reputation with the ladies, and while his final moments saw him lose his life over one woman, a handful of others came forward to express their love and appreciation for him.  One unnamed girl took to social media to mourn her lover, publicly forgiving Trouble for being with another woman at his time of death. She also explained that their bond was unique, and most people would not understand. “what we had most people wouldn’t understand & we never cared to explain,” she said in her post. She went on to say she has plans to “wait” for him. 

Defense attorney Nicole Moorman was the last woman Trouble publicly claimed as his girlfriend at the top of 2020. In a post, she said “I really took me a few days to process this and I still don’t have the words.” She shared photos of them together on vacation and cuddled up. “I would flip this whole world over to see that stupid grin but through my front door.” Most confusing was a woman named Cola My Soda. She posted very intimate videos of herself and Trouble but only referred to him as her friend in the post. “My heart is crushed. I lost a real friend over a decade of, memories playing in my head as I write this. I am broke and miss you already.” 

Ms. Williams Is Now Speaking Out

Of all the women to make posts about Trouble, everyone was waiting to hear from the young lady he was with the night his life was taken. Simply going by Ms. Williams, the woman who Jarmichael Jones was after that night, says she has nothing to prove to social media.  In a story post, she says that she took her page down shortly after the incident due to the mean things people said to her. “I don’t like the evil things that are being said about me, all the false narratives & threats. I don’t have nothing to prove to social media. To the ones that know me personally, know my heart is gold.” She expresses how deeply disturbed she is by everything that has transpired and calls Trouble her angel. 

Fans Are Torn On Who’s Responsible

Fans in the comments were torn on supporting Ms. Williams. While some agree that the situation was unfortunate, others think it may have been a setup. “girl, you going to jail,” said one follower. Another said, “It was a careless decision, but ion think it was a setup… she shouldn’t have invited him over knowing her ex still somewhat around, and he should have been home with his family, not laying up at a randoms apartment 🙏🏽.” 

Trouble Leaves Behind One Son and One Daughter

Despite everyone’s opinion about who’s responsible, two children are mourning the loss of their father. Trouble kept his children out of the public eye for the most part, but he has been vocal about being the father of one son, and one daughter. In a past interview on Angela Yee’s Lip Service, the rapper spoke about his daughter’s mother claiming he regrets having a baby with her, although he loves his daughter. In contrast, he praised his son’s mother. “My daughter mama, I regret that. Like Too bad. I don’t regret the child, I love my little girl […] but they’re different women. I got a different respect for my son’s mom. She grind, she work. She just bought herself a house.” The rapper claimed his son’s mother never put him on child support.

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