Tristan Thompson Wants No Part Of His Child’s Life, Told Mother: “I Wont & Can’t Be In The Child’s Life By No Means”

Tristan Thompson cannot catch a break, and maybe he does not want to. The forever embroiled NBA star is still reeling from the shocking news that he’d father another child while engaged to reality star Khloe Kardashian. Unfortunately, the plot continues to get worst as it’s been revealed that Thompson tried to guilt his new baby mother out of having the baby by letting her know that he would probably not be able to be in the child’s life due to his plans to marry Khloe. Despite reports that he planned to help co-parent, it seems he is still sticking to his word and has been missing in action since the child was born late last year.

The long, long saga of Tristan and Khloe is well documented at this point. For those who need a refresher, Khloe reported began dating Tristian while he was still in a relationship with the mother of his first child. Less than a year later, Khloe welcomed her child with Tristan, True. Rumors of Tristan cheating had come up on several occasions, including the time he kissed former family friend Jordyn Woods.

According to reports, Tristan cheated on Khloe again last year the same evening she threw him a big lavish birthday party in Houston. The woman he has intimate with, Maralee Nichols, found out she was pregnant shortly after. Nichols claims she was unaware that Tristan and Khloe have gotten back together and that he only brought it up to her as a reason to push her towards an abortion when he found out she had gotten pregnant.

Tristan warned that he would not be able to exist in that child’s life by any means and that if she decided to keep it, she would be keeping a “mistake.” Tristan claimed that he would be marrying Khloe soon and be completely unavailable to Nichols and the child by all means. In another attempt to have Nichols do away with the pregnancy, Thompson attempted to convince her to wait until she finds someone she can settle down with. Nichols maintains that she was not a one night stand and that she had been dating Tristan for a few months before getting knocked up.

However, Khloe and Tristan never announced their engagement, and Nichols went public with her pregnancy and birth at the end of 2021. Tristan denied the child viciously for months until the paternity test returned positive that he was the father. Finally, in an attempt to clear things up, he came out and declared his plans to work with Nichols to co-parent and be present in the child’s life. He also apologized to Khloe for the public embarrassment and shame and promised to “do better.”

So which was the truth? Because it appears the only promise Tristan has kept is being unable to be in the child’s life by by no means, which he promised before Nichols gave birth. She has come forward to report to US Weekly that Tristan has done absolutely nothing to support her. Tristan has made no attempts to meet the baby or to help Nichols. Despite his absence, Nichols claims motherhood has been incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, albeit hard.

Rather than making attempts to see his new son, Tristan seems to be off living his best life and unfazed, recently spotted out with a mystery woman that was neither Nichols nor Khloe. Another woman seated nearby says Tristan and the girl were really cozy and that he snatched her phone when he thought she was recording a video of them. Her husband quickly came to her defense, and Tristan backed down a bit, offering to take pictures with them if they were fans but that they could not get any videos.

Tristan was also spotted at dinner with Kanye West last month. The two are some of the more famous Kardashian exes, and it’s unclear why they were together. West has been divorced from Kim for a few months now despite very publicly wanting her back. The two were caught by TMZ having dinner with several women in Miami. Tristan is currently playing for the Chicago Bulls and was in Miami to play against the Heat. Khloe has been mostly quiet about it all, holding off on commenting until the Kardashian’s newest series airs on Hulu. She reportedly addresses a lot of the drama there. She has accused the media of blaming her for Tristan’s actions and not thinking it is fair.

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