Tristan Thompson Filled With Regret nd Sadness Following His Mother’s Sudden Passing

Tristan Thompson is mourning the loss of his mother, Andrea Thompson. The NBA star had to lay his mom to rest last month after a heart attack claimed her life. The part-time reality star is finally opening up in a lengthy post where he acknowledges some of the hurt he’s caused his mother while out here cheating on women and making bad choices. Let’s unpack Tristan’s goodbye.

In a slideshow post, Tristan shared images of his mother and siblings holding a championship trophy. He also shared photos of him, his mother and Khloe, his mom and his daughter True, and a final heartbreaking one of him holding her hand in a hospital bed. In the caption, he reassures his mother that he will take care of his siblings in her absence. He also apologizes for embarrassing her. “I know you’re here as I write this letter. All I can say is Im sorry, mommy, for the wrong decisions I’ve made in my life. I’m sorry for the embarrassment &pain. You raised me better than what I was able to show you.”

It is possible Tristan is talking about the constant ups and downs he’s been on in the media with baby mother Khloe and various other women. Tristan has not only publicly cheated on Khloe but has done so with a family friend amongst other women. His constant cheating has resulted in him fathering a child with another woman named Maralee Nichols, who claims he has yet to meet his son.

It appears Andrea was very close to Khloe and had been urging her son to do right by the reality star before her passing. Tristan seemed to want to take her advice now and assured her that he would be better in her absence. “Stay tuned to the ways I will show the world what an amazing son you raised. I will show you that even when we fall & make mistakes, we get back up. You are my motivation.”

Elsewhere in his dedication, he thanked her for her unwavering faith and dedication to god. “I cannot thank you enough for always being a woman of faith, being one of God’s warriors, fighting back with whatever the world threw our way.”

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