Traci Braxton’s Husband, Kevin Surratt Embraced By Family After Losing Love Of His Life

Traci Braxton continues to be mourned online today following her passing on Friday. The beloved vocalist and reality star was a special person to many. One person being her husband Surratt Kevin Sr. Her windowed husband is not alone and has received the full support of his sisters, who are also battling this loss with him. Let’s see what they had to say below and how the family is planning to soldier forward together. 

Kevin and Traci were together for decades and shared their song Kevin Jr. The couple were featured prominently on reality television and shared their love with the world. Kevin Sr. was one of the last people to post about his wife’s death following her sisters, who all posted yesterday with the exception of Tamar, who posted a blank video of Muni Long’s time machine asking her sister to “come back.”

In his own post, Kevin Sr. reflected on the years of love he shared with Traci Braxton in a series of photos. The pair appear together at red carpets, family gatherings, and of course, their wedding photo. In the caption, Traci Braxton’s husband says that he struggled with even making the post and has yet to really let everything sink in. Kevin also stated he’s lost without his wife referring to Traci as his dream girl, his world, his life, his rock, best friend, lifeline and his everything. “May God give me the strength. Thank you for our life we had together. Until we meet again, Babygirl ETERNAL LOVE My FOREVER & EVER TRARATT🕊💔,” he said at the end. 

During such a difficult time, it appears Kevin has a large support system in his family. Over on his Instagram story, Kevin Sr.’s family has been coming to his aid, letting his followers know that he is not alone. A private account claiming to be his sister shared several posts letting people know that they would be holding Kevin down during this difficult time. “What’s understood does not need to be explained,” she said.

Not much is known on Kevin’s family but his sister also posted a family picture that included 8 women, claiming they were all blood sisters, but that’s not all of them. If so, Kevin has a huge support system. It shows a large group of people hugging and posing, including Kevin. He says, “yes, these are my blood sisters. No, this is not all of them.” At the bottom, it says, “we are our brother’s keeper. We love you.” In a third post, his sister shared a photo of Kevin and Traci on a red carpet with a caption telling Traci to “rest easy sis” with several broken hearts and dove emojis. 

It was only two weeks ago Kevin was celebrating his lady in some throwback photos of them. In his caption, Kevin Sr. referred to his late wife has his dream girl, and boo. He frequently referred to Traci as his dream girl in several posts. They celebrated 25 years together this past November with a video of them dancing and having a good time on a boat surrounded by friends and family. 

Kevin was the one who broke the news to TMZ yesterday, letting fans know that Traci had been quietly battling cancer for the last year and had lost her fight. “After a year of privately undergoing a series of treatments for Esophageal cancer, our beloved Traci Braxton has gone on to glory.” Our condolences to their family. 

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