Tory Lanez Trial Still Trending As Evidence Leaks, Singer Hires New Attorney

Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion’s trial may have come to a close, but evidence on what happened that evening continues to leak. People have been upset at the division amongst the public, with many still siding with Tory. With the release of the new evidence, many are hoping that the conspiracies will cease and Megan can finally find some peace from this all.

While undisputed evidence confirmed that Megan had been wounded in the incident, many people focused solely on her personal relationship with Lanez and the inconsistencies in her story surrounding that. Megan Thee Stallion initially told interviewers that there was no relationship with Lanez before it was confirmed in court that he had been sleeping with her and her friend Kelsey Harris. Later on, some tried to pin the incident on Harris. A day before Lanez was found guilty, fans had “no guilty” trending online, and the likes of 50 Cent and Joe Budden were showing their support for Lanez.

Tory was eventually found guilty on all three counts. Some felt that justice was not enough, as Megan was still being ridiculed in public. Last week, new evidence leaked to prove that Tory was, indeed, the gunman and that Megan is a victim in this all.

There is body cam footage that leaked from Megan in the ambulance. The rapper is audibly upset and crying while the paramedics try to find her some relief from the pain in her foot. Many people pointed out how upsetting it must be for Megan Thee Stallion to have been constantly told she was lying despite the proof being right there. “the sad part is her career is forever affected by this, and SHE WAS THE VICTIM…. smh,” said one person.

In another video, shots can be heard on the ring camera of a nearby house. You can hear them ringing out, and the video is timestamped for 4:30 am. This information confirmed the testimony of another nearby man who admitted to hearing several loud noises and actually said he saw Tory acting erratic and being the source of the pops.

The nail in the coffin is said to be audio from a jailhouse call where a remorseful Lanez is consoled by Kelsey Harris, and he inquires about Megan and apologizes for being too drunk. Tory can be heard asking if the press got wind of the story already and asking Kelsey to figure out how to bail him out. People in the comments wondered how anyone could think he was innocent with all this evidence around.

In the latest update on Tory Lanez trial, Lanez has hired Suge Knight’s former defense attorney, David Kenner to take over his case. Tory Lanez is due back in court on Tuesday.

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