Tory Lanez Not Guilty Currently Trending On Twitter, Despite Jury Still Deliberating

Tory Lanez trial is in its final days, and people are already jumping to conclusions about the final verdict. Oddly enough, fans currently have “Tory Not Guilty” trending online, leading many to believe that the “Say It” hitmaker may actually be getting off the hook for allegedly injuring Megan Thee Stallion. So what is the real update on everything, and why are people saying Tory is not guilty?

Earlier today, certain sites began reporting that Tory had been declared not guilty based on “leaked” court documents from the trial. While they’ve since removed the document from their site, GossipoftheCityTea did confirm its existence, saying, “A court document supposedly got leaked on the jury verdict. We can’t verify it and don’t want to mess up anything, so the post has been deleted.” Some people in the comments confirmed that this would be impossible due to the time of the post. “It is 1:16 California time. The jury can’t start deliberating until 1:30 pm. Nothing can be leaked of the jury hasn’t even started deliberating.”

Pop Crave confirmed that the jury was still deliberating and that Tory has not been let off yet. “The jury is still deliberating on a verdict in the Tory Lanez trial, despite reports already claiming that Lanez has been found not guilty.” Another woman confirmed this as well, explaining that the confusion stems from two juror papers that show all the charges but no conviction. “I repeat: There is no verdict yet in the Tory Lanez trial. Jurors have two pages for each charge: One for guilty and one for not guilty. These are for the third charge, discharge of a firearm with gross negligence.”

People are not happy with “not guilty” trending and took to Twitter to discuss how unfair it is that no one seems to support Megan, who is confirmed to have been shot that evening. “guilty or not guilty, this s*** has been very frustrating to watch unfold. Megan was harmed, and nobody seems to care about that part. That woman has gone through so much. all I care about from here is that she heals and has support.”

Many criticized social media for giving too much power to blogs, most of which are not very credible to begin with. “‘Tory Lanez found not guilty.’ Source? @SAYCHEESE Y’all need to be extremely serious with yourselves,” said one person. Others point out that the lack of support Meg has received means that guilty or not, she will probably find no peace from this. Either he gets off and she’s a liar, or he goes to jail, and she becomes “a villainized pariah,” according to one spectator. “The woman who jailed an innocent man,” she continued.

The jury is not expected to have a final answer till tomorrow. They are scheduled to resume deliberations at 9 am on Friday. Lanez is still the prime suspect in the 2020 incident that left Megan with fragments in her feet, although his team has been trying to pin it on Kelsey Harris. Both parties have completed their closing arguments.

Following her testimony, Megan Thee Stallion has remained quiet. Her boyfriend, Pardi spoke out today in support of all women who have experienced injustice.

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