Top Moments From Chris Rock’s Selective Outrage Live Comedy Event

Chris Rock made his glorious return to television last week in his Netflix special Selective Outrage. In the clip, Rock opened up about outrage culture and how people pick and choose what to be upset at. The comic danced around a number of issues before addressing the infamous Oscar incident

Chris Rock’s new special was billed as a live Netflix event. Filmed in Baltimore, the New Jack City star took to the stage in all write rocking a chain with Prince’s symbol. Immediately he launched into jokes about perception and how things only look right from certain angles but not others. For example, Rock called out people for canceling R. Kelly but still listening to Michael Jackson. While both singers have been accused of inappropriate relationships with minors, Chris argues that Michael Jackson still gets played at family functions, but you cannot listen to R. Kelly. 

Rock also discussed The Kardashian family and how he feels Robert Kardashian “cursed” his daughters by helping OJ Simpson. The comedian says the family is paying for Rob Sr. helping OJ get free while also discussing how his daughters are doomed to date defective men of color. He went on to call out Kanye West and Lamar Odom. Both men whom married a Kardashian. Rock paused for a moment to declare his love for West before admitting he did not want another rapper upset at him. 

He continued this joke throughout the night, obviously building up to address the Will Smith incident. Rock called out beauty standards and argued that despite how talented Beyonce is, her beauty is still the most important tool in her arsenal. To demonstrate this, he joked that Beyonce was so beautiful that she could still get a billionaire like Jay-Z even if she worked at Burger King. On the contrary, Chris Rock joked that if Jay-Z worked at Burger King, he could never get a woman like Beyonce. 

Finally, Chris Rock turned his attention to the Smith family and had some choice words for them. For starters, Rock says he found it unfair that Jada Pinkett-Smith asked people to boycott the Oscars the year Concussion was not nominated. As that year’s host, Chris Rock did not understand how he was supposed to turn down his job just to “support” the Smiths.  Rock unloaded after this and called out Will Smith for being upset at Jada and taking it out on someone smaller than him.

Chris Rock called Jada a “predator” before reminding folks that August Alsina was introduced to their family as a friend of Jaden Smith. The comedian also suggested Jada has hurt will more than he did, but he was the one who got hit. He also believes Will Smith only attacked him because he’s smaller than him and knew Rock would not retaliate.  For comparison, Chris Rock joked that while Will Smith has shot most of his movies shirtless and played Muhammed Ali, Chris Rock has never filmed anything with his clothes off and played Pookie. Will Smith is 6’2, while Chris Rock is only 5’10. Rock called Smith a ‘bish’ for targeting him.

Neither Will Smith or Jada Pinkett Smith responded to Chris Rock’s special. Chris Rock’s special is now streaming on Netflix.

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