Tommy Davidson Claims Will Smith Almost ‘Put Hands’ On Him After He Shared A Kiss With Jada Pinkett Smith On Set Of ‘Woo’

Actor Tommy Davidson is a legend of comedy. The Living Color alumni was the star of several iconic television and film moments in the ’90s. In the decades since, he’s been able to revisit his past in a memoir where he talks about a lot of the behind-the-scenes things that we never knew. This includes a run-in with Will Smith while filming Woo with Will’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. 

Published in 2020, Living in Color: What’s Funny about Me is a revealing book from Tommy Davidson. In it, he opens up about everything from being found and raised by a white woman after his biological mother abandoned him to his groundbreaking debut on the series In Living Color.  Like co-stars Jim Carrey, Jamie Foxx, and the Wayans Brothers, Tommy Davidson was on the road to superstardom following the show’s initial debut and success. He began making appearances in films like CB4, Booty Call, and Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. 

In 1998 he starred opposite Jada Pinkett-Smith in the film Woo, a romantic comedy about a New York City woman who had an unusual way with men. This meant that she had the charm turned all the way up for the film and her various scenes with Davidson. In his book, Davidson says that this made Will Smith jealous and almost led to a fight between them. 

While discussing his book on The Tamron Hall Show, Tommy begins to laugh as he recalls the story. He explains that Will Smith came into their trailer after Tommy and Jada shared a kiss on screen. Will reportedly got in his face and told him, “I don’t appreciate that,” before asking to speak with him privately. Tommy agreed to speak with him, but Jada knew Will had other motives and began saying, “no, no, no, ya’ll not about to do that here.” Tommy joked about the height difference between him and Will and said, “I’m glad she did that.” He jokes that Will is a “big black dude from Philly,” and he was not prepared for that kind of smoke. 

In the book, Davidson elaborates further, stating that he and the producers of the film had been playing around with different endings. One included a kiss, something he was unaware they would have to rehearse for the movie. Because they did not prepare, when he leaned in to kiss Jada, he recalls her recoiling. This awkwardness is reportedly what triggered Will, who at the time was looking to defend his then-fiance, who looked uncomfortable. 

In his own memoirs, Will Smith opens up about him and Jada’s initial years together and how the pair were borderline toxic. Will explains being so in love with Jada and so eager to please her that they would engage in intimacy multiple times a day.  Jada has also confirmed this, stating that when she met Will, she was a bit wild and hard to please. So much so that she had to teach him what she liked so that she could enjoy herself.  Tommy is not the only man to bring out this side of Smith. Will has also been candid about his jealously towards Tupac Shakur and the relationship and bond he shared with Jada before passing. 

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