Tommie Lee Requesting Rematch After Losing Match To Natalie Nunn

Tonight Natalie Nunn and Tommie finally met in the match. While the bout was highly anticipated, many fans left disappointed. However, Tommie Lee is laughing off her loss to Natalie Nunn and now requesting a rematch.

Tommie Lee and Natalie Nunn have made a name for themselves on reality television. The world was first introduced to Tommie Lee on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta as the girlfriend of the rapper Scrapp DeLeon. Natalie Nunn got her break while appearing on Bad Girls Club. The reality star took her fame and began producing her own reality shows, including Baddies West, LA, Houston, and ATL.

Tommie Lee and Natalie Nunn have been promoting their upcoming boxing match for weeks now across social media. However, days before the event, the two women were seen on video exchanging words and blows after Tommie leaped and smacked Natalie Nunn. While it appears Natalie Nunn took the boxing match seriously, Tommie Lee seemed out of it – the majority of the battle.

Throughout the videos floating around the internet, Natalie Nunn dominated most of the match. Tommie was mostly filmed appearing dazed and throwing punches in every direction to see which land. Eventually, Tommie Lee found herself in her corner, trying to resume the match, when she hit the mat and passed out. Natalie Nunn was declared the winner. Social media had a field day with Tommie Lee losing to Natalie Nunn, considering Tommie Lee is always ready to throw down on television.

Despite losing, Tommie Lee took to social media, suggesting the possibility of a rematch. It appears the reality star is blaming her loss as a strategy to make more money. “Checkers not chess. What the rematch worth,” Tommie stated on Instagram. Fans in the comments found her comment a bit weird, considering she lost the fight. “Chess not checkers” is a wild statement after becoming a human bobble-head infront of the world for 10 mins. Former NBA player Matt Barnes questioned, “So the plan was to get beat up?”

Nonetheless, it appears Tommie is open to a rematch with Natalie Nunn. Would you watch it?

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