Tommie Lee Has Been Involved In Three Feuds This Week, But Chris Brown’s Kid Is The Most Unexpected

Tommie Lee is synonymous with feuds. The reality star made a name for herself, appearing on VH-1’s Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. Since leaving the show, Tommie Lee has stayed in the headlines for her behavior. However, the reality star’s most recent beef is the strangest and most unexpected.

Photo credit: @tommiee_/Instagram

Tommie Lee attended a Chris Brown concert in London along with Natalie Nunn and a few others. After arriving at the venue, Natalie Nunn got the group backstage passes, and chaos ensued. According to Natalie Nunn, an inebriated Tommie Lee looked at Chris Brown’s son and complimented how cute the 3-year-old was right before his mother brought him into a room. After the kid was placed in the room, Natalie says Tommie began beating on the door, which caused Chris Brown’s team to react. At that moment, the scene became chaotic. Natalie says she and her friends had to defend themselves against three men.

After leaving the venue, rather than letting the controversy pass over, Tommie Lee took to social media to tell her side of the story while insulting the 3-year-old kid. According to Tommie, she did not attempt to knock the door down. The reality star claims she didn’t know the kid was in the room and says Aeko’s mother slammed the door. Tommie then went on to bash the kid, his mother, and his father. “[Expletive] your baby,” Tommie stated. The reality star doubled down and made the statement again, adding Chris Brown to the mix. “F– him and his Daddy.” As if that wasn’t enough, Tommie began to attack the kid’s appearance saying the 3-year-old looked like an albino. Check out the video below.

This is Tommie’s third feud this week. A video surfaced earlier today of the reality star smacking Natalie Nunn ahead of their scheduled boxing match. Rolling Ray also called out Tommie Lee on yesterday for poking fun at the disabled social media influencer. Rolling Ray took to social media to call out the reality star and suggest she plays with somebody else before she comes up missing.

Chris Brown hasn’t responded to Tommie Lee, but it’s only a matter of time. If there’s one thing, Chris Brown does not play about, it’s his children.

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