Tommie Lee Backtracks Her Statements Regarding Chris Brown’s Son, Claims She Loves Children

Reality star Tommie Lee is on the wrong side of the Chris Brown fandom today. The hothead actress had a run-in with Brown’s baby mother backstage at his London concert and decided to call out him her and their child on live shortly after. Today she is issuing an apology, but some are thinking she is not 100% sincere.

The Chris Brown fans, also known as Team Breezy, have had to defend their hero a lot in recent weeks. While many called for his cancelation following resurfaced outrage over his fight with Rihanna in 2009, others continue to support the star and have been showing up in drones to his concerts. During a show in London, Tommie Lee attended and got into it with an unlikely person. While backstage, Lee caught a glimpse of Chris’s baby mother, Ammika Harris, and their son Aeko. When Tommie Lee proclaimed how cute the baby was, his mother immediately snatched him up and slammed the door in Tommie’s face.

Tommie reportedly “smacked the door in,” and it resulted in several of Brown’s entourage approaching them. Tommie and her friends had to fight off three men due to Tommie’s outburst. She was also allegedly drunk. Lee took to IG live to call out Brown and his family. Not only did she speak ill of Chris and Ammika, but she talked about his son’s appearance as well. “F – your baby, and f—his daddy too. All of ya’ll look albino.” She said the baby looked like he had “something going on” and that his eyes were “cocked like a pistol.”

The following day, Tommie Lee appeared on a panel where she apologized. “I love the children,” she said twice while wearing dark shades. “Last night, [I was] in defense mode. I just want to apologize to Chris Brown and his baby mother.” You can hear someone snicker in the background.

Fans in the comments believe Tommie has issues, with one saying, “She has such a dark, negative spirit.” Another person told her, “Naaa, you said what you said not once but twice, so stand on it and whatever comes with it 💯.”

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