Tokyo Toni Slams Kris Jenner’s Parenting: “The Kardashians Have No Guidance From Their Mother Or Father”

Tokyo Toni has had it with the Kardashian clan. Fresh off and still reeling from the significant court loss that her daughter, Blac Chyna, faced from her trial with the Kardashian family, Tokyo is not holding back. The reality star is now calling for a boycott of everything Kardashian while taking the time to slam Kris Jenner’s parenting.

The fight between reality show’s arguably most prominent family, and Blac Chyna doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Tokyo Toni, real name Shalana Jones-Hunter, bears what appears to be a deep-seated hatred for the Kardashians and is ready to see them deprived of all they have. Recently, she started a petition to head her efforts.

In the petition, the Tokyo Toni’s Finding Love ASAP star sheds light on the Kris Jenner-led clan being looked upon as role models to teenage girls. “Which they are not,” she wrote.   Tokyo Toni continues to call for people to cease indulging in watching their television show and out of the minds of “our daughters.”  

As she brings to question their finances and various efforts in the community, including “humanitarian work,” Tokyo Toni also insinuates that all is not as it seems within their own family. “They lie about the relationship between each other,” exclaimed the reality star. “They have no true guidance from their mother or father for they were too busy doing them.” 

In another instance where she had a run-in with TMZ cameras, Blac Chyna’s mother compared Kris Jenner to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, referring to the now-infamous Kanye West tweet. “She rules with all her daughters in the courtroom while I’m not there,” said Tokyo Toni about their trial, as she was banned from the courtroom.

Kris Jenner’s parenting has definitely come under fire many times. She serves as not only the mother to thriving children but their manager as well. However, her choices to propel the Kardashian-Jenner family higher and higher into the media stratosphere have faced criticism.

Media maven Wendy Williams has been a constant detractor of Kris Jenner’s parenting choices. In 2016, Williams told Page Six that she’s “uncomfortable” with Jenner’s motives to push the Kardashians out there. The talk show host expressed that while Jenner has seemingly become comfortable in her choice, she would never place her child and family in the position to be “that family.”

Many have praised Kris Jenner for helping her daughters become some of the world’s most successful celebrities, with two of them achieving billionaire status. However, many also believe Jenner has been in the wrong.  

“Kris Jenner is the definition of toxic parenting, and I completely understand why Kourtney once said that her dad was her ‘safe person’ and not her mum and why Kanye called her ‘Kris Jong-Un,'” wrote a Twitter user.

Recently, R&B singer and entrepreneur Ray J spoke out against the infamous tape made with his then-girlfriend, Kim Kardashian. According to an interview with the Daily Mail, Ray J claims that Kris Jenner was the one that helped to get the tape in the hands of Vivid Entertainment in the hopes of blowing up her daughter’s career.

Meanwhile, Tokyo Toni hasn’t really been considered “mother of the year” herself. For way too long, the relationship between mother and daughter has been nothing short of toxic. Vicious arguments and fights would occur between Blac Chyna and Tokyo Toni, both on television screens and on social media. Thankfully, it appears that the two have made up and are fighting together rather than going at each other’s throats.

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