TJ Holmes and Amy Robach Both Split With Their Spouses, Goes Public Spotted Holding Hands

Good Morning America co-anchors T.J Holmes and Amy Robach continue to make headlines following the discovery that they had been carrying on an affair. The duo is reportedly making things official, ending things with their current spouses, and moving forward together. Let’s take a look at their recent outing and the status of both their marriages.

T.J Holmes has been married to an Atlanta attorney named Marilee Fiebig for over a decade. They have one child together, and Holmes has praised his wife over the years for how she has stood beside him and helped guide him through their marriage. Several of his dedications to her have been criticized by people in light of his affair, as they clearly point to him being a crappy husband but Fiebig sticking it out. He’s admitted to not feeling worthy, not understanding how the marriage worked, and giving her plenty of reasons to leave over the years.

When news broke of his affair with Amy Robach, Fiebig was reportedly “blindsided.” The duo had been separated for six months prior to the story leaking, but Fiebig was under the impression that they were attempting to work things out. According to Page Six, “[T.J. & Marilee] haven’t been together in [a while], but they were trying to work it out. They were just together for T.J.’s birthday.” (Holmes celebrated his 47th birthday on August 19, 2022.).” Marilee was reportedly in the know about two previous affairs T.J. had, one that lasted almost three years with another ABC News employee.

For Amy Robach, the ending of her marriage was more set in stone before she was spotted with T.J. Robach was married to Andrew Shue, and they share two children together. Robach and Shue have been rumored to have separated months ago and had just finished selling their New York City apartment a week before T.J. and Amy’s photos hit the net. Despite their inspiring journey as a blended family and parents of five, Amy had been very open about the struggles in the marriage.

They opened up about starting a family with two different parenting styles after having raised their kids alone for so long. While Andrew still has “husband” on his I.G. bio, he promptly deleted all the photos of him and Amy following their split. GMA put both Amy and T.J. on leave following the madness. While they cannot punish the pair due to their relationship being consensual and their sharing similar titles, the network understood how much of a distraction it all was and opted to give their audience and anchors a break for everything to blow over.

In the meantime, it seems T.J. and Amy have been enjoying their newfound freedom and flaunting their chemistry out in public. The pair were spotted in New York City walking arm in arm and smiling as they headed out for lunch at Capital Grille. Long gone is the awkwardness of pretending not to be intimate friends anymore, and they seemed to enjoy themselves together. T.J. even glances directly into the camera in one picture.

It was recently reported that TJ Holmes wife and Amy Robach’s estranged husband have been communicating and leaning on each other for support while their exes move forward with their relationship. According to RadarOnline, TJ Holmes wife wants everyone to know she’s on Amy’s estranged husband, Andrew’s side.

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