Tina Tuner’s Deceased Son May Have A Baby On The Way Soon, Widow Planning To Use Leftover Sperm To Get Pregnant

Fans of Tina Turner are still mourning the loss of the rock & roll legend. Turner was survived by her husband Erwin Bach and adopted son Ike Turner Jr. Before her passing, Tina witness the deaths of her two biological sons Ronnie Turner and Raymond Craig Turner.

While neither of her kids had children while living, Ronnie’s widow is considering having a grand baby with her deceased husband.

It’s been a rough year for Afida Turner. She lost her husband in December of 2022 and her mother-in-law in May. Ronnie died from colon cancer and his mother had years of health issues that eventually caught up with her.

Afida has been keeping fans updated with her grieving process, revealing that while people only know Ronnie and his mom through the music, she knew them intimately and misses them dearly. “It is very difficult for me because people only see the music or the pictures, but I go back home and scream the names of my loved ones,” she told People Magazine. She admits that she is trying not to lose her mind and has had some suicidal thoughts.

The silver lining for Afida comes in the form of a birthday gift from her late husband Ronnie. Afida reveals that Ronnie had some sperm set aside for her with a sperm bank and that she plans to use it to have a child with her deceased love. While some believe this is a beautiful way to pay homage to Ronnie and Tina, others think that Afida might be trying to find a way to tap into Turner’s money now that she’s gone.

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