Tiffany Haddish’s Plans To Have Children May Come Sooner Than Later, According To Jason Lee

Tiffany Haddish and Jason Lee’s friendship might be going to the next level. The Hollywood besties have been side by side for years now, with Lee acting as her consultant and mouthpiece. The duo might be gearing up for a major life milestone and are planning to do it together. Will they be stepping into parenthood together?

Jason Lee and Tiffany Haddish come for similarly broken beginnings. Both have spoken at large about their lives in foster care. Haddish was separated from her mother and siblings following years of abuse due to her mother’s mental illness. Haddish grandmother eventually brought everyone back together, and Tiffany helped raise her siblings.Jason Lee recently talked about growing up in foster care in the premiere episode of The Jason Lee Show when he recalled how happy he was to be able to buy a real Christmas tree this past year after not growing up with one.

While discussing his past with Angie Martinez, Jason Lee reveals that he spent years being reckless with his health because he believed he was not going to be alive very long. Eventually, he decided to change his life around and started caring about himself and his body. This shift made him realize that we would indeed want to raise children. Jason reveals that Cardi B has already confirmed she would be the godmother. He also reveals that Tiffany has offered to have children with him.

“She’s offered, and if she’s serious, she’s somebody that I’d love. We both were foster kids. I trust her.” When wondering out loud if Tiffany would be involved in raising the child, Angie cut him off, saying, “there is no way Tiffany would not be involved with the baby.”

Jason says he never considered co-parenting and never thought about being able to say, “go to your mama’s house” because he’s gay. Jason reveals that Rihanna would have been his second option, but she is unavailable. “Tiffany is my first option. She has my back; I have her back.” Jason says that Rihanna and A$AP Rocky would have to be godparents as well because they’re rich.

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