Tiffany Haddish Still Raking In Cash, Books New Show, While Aries Spears Believes His Career Is Done

Tiffany Haddish’s career has yet to feel the full brunt of the latest accusations involving her and Aries Spears. While Aries Spears believes his is completely over, Haddish is gearing up for her first stand-up gig post-scandal. Haddish was scheduled to join fellow comic Sarah Silverman at Friday night’s Jam In The Van in Los Angeles. While the event was eventually canceled due to the rain, it appears there were no plans to cancel due to her current drama, and no refunds have been issued as the event has already been pushed to September 17th.

Tiffany Haddish and Aries Spears appeared in a scrapped online skit about a single mother who leaves her children alone with an adult man. The clip was deemed inappropriate by many, and the older sibling featured in the clip is now suing and claiming that Haddish and Spears for grooming her and her brother. Haddish and her team immediately fired back, claiming that the mother of children was actually a disgruntled friend who has been trying to sue for years in retaliation for Haddish not helping her or her kids break into Hollywood after making it following Girls Trip’s success.

Haddish friend, Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked, took to his platform to reveal the identity of the mother who was seen partying at Haddish’s birthday in 2020. Lee also claims Tiffany was not on set for the scenes in question. Haddish lawyers have also come forward, claiming that the mother has been through several legal teams who dropped the case as soon as they realized how baseless her claims were.

Despite all of this, and Tiffany still being able to book shows, fans did not hesitate to take to social media with clips proving that Haddish has always had a pension for inappropriate behavior. One clip circulating shows Tiffany joking about hitting on a co-worker’s underaged son during a “bring your child to work” day. Marlon Wayans famously told Haddish she was “too much” during an interview on Ellen when she questioned why he never cast her for roles despite looking for a “Tiffany Haddish” type. Wayans says that Tiffany would make scenes awkward and fart on co-stars when she was supposed to be serious. Katt Williams echoed this sentiment and believed that she lacked any type of polish and had not proven her worth as a comic prior to being embraced so widely by the mainstream. People do not feel for her and have been demanding she be canceled.

Despite this, Haddish is still gearing up for stand-up dates and has completed several films, including Haunted Mansion, Back on the Strip, and Landscape With Invisible Hand, which are all in post-production. Meanwhile, Aries Spears lamented during a recent episode of his podcast, revealing that this scandal and recent comments about Lizzo may have sealed his fate and that his career is heading toward a clear end. Spears says he’s “certain that tombstone is written” but is still hopefully he will beat these charges.

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