The Reason Behind Steve Harvey’s New Style

Steve Harvey’s name is almost synonymous with style. When you think about Steve Harvey, chances are. The visual that pops into your mind is a suit of some kind, and more than likely, a three-piece. However, lately, we’ve begun to see the long-time comedian and radio/tv personality switch up his style. There are many people behind Harvey’s new style, so let’s take a moment to highlight the team behind the man. 

For starters, the host of the long-running game show Family Feud is styled by none other than a man by the name of Elly Karamoh. With almost 85k followers on Instagram alone, Karamoh also serves as the stylist to Tyler Perry and is also the best friend of Lori Harvey. She gave him all of the credit while speaking with E! News’s Daily Pop, praising him for “completely transforming” her stepfather. “He’s like a new style icon. He’s feeling himself,” said Lori Harvey. “You can’t tell him anything right now.”

Born and raised in Paris France, Elly Karamoh and a mind full of dreams of taking over in fashion moved to the states in 2005. According to an interview with Essence, Karamoh first began to style friends before landing a job at an atelier in Atlanta. From there he would build his portfolio and in 2019, he began his role as the stylist to Steve Harvey.

In speaking with Essence, Elly Karamoh reflected on the growth Harvey has achieved in his styling as he became more “open” to make changes. Karamoh recalled Harvey feeling boxed in due to how he felt society viewed him. In turn, he encouraged the nationally syndicated radio show host to realize that he was a” superstar” and should look like one.

As for their approach, the styling is definitely in the high fashion realm as Harvey is more embracing of “wild fashion ideas.” However, they both remain aware and calculated with their choices. Speaking with Vanity Fair, Karamoh expresses that there are still areas in which they will not travel, such as “skinny jeans” or “anything see-through.” Their inspiration is also taken from actor Robert DeNiro’s style in the 1995 film “Casino.”

Although Elly Karamoh has definitely made his mark with styling Steve Harvey, he is not the only one that deserves the credit. The Kings of Comedy star’s wife, Marjorie Harvey, is also his main source of style motivation and inspiration. Karamoh actually works closely with Marjorie Harvey for Steve’s new look. Both Elly Karamoh and Steve Harvey appeared in a joint interview with GQ where the comedian shared that Karamoh has an “ally” in his wife.

Due to Karamoh and Marjorie being in cahoots as it pertains to Harvey’s styling, he jokingly told GQ that he would have “kick his a**” if his wife was not involved. But then he went on to explain just how much of his “biggest critic and fan” that his wife really is. Charging Harvey to rid himself of the baggy suits he had once been famously known for wearing, she expressed to him:” ‘I’m tired of being married to a pimp.'” The comment left him “stunned,” but she continued to state that she was “going to change him anyway.”

If there is anyone who would be qualified in moving Steve Harvey into a new fashionable realm that would be suitable for him, it would be his wife. Marjorie Harvey has been known to give a great look, no matter the occasion. From birthday trips to Paris draped in Dolce & Gabanna to blazing Instagram in other fashionable apparel, Marjorie Harvey continuously understands the assignment. She is also the CEO of The Lady Loves Couture and in 2016, launched the exclusive online consignment boutique, Marjorie Harvey’s Closet.

And even though Steve Harvey is at the age of 64, his age will not define his style. “I’m not just gonna sit over here and just let old age come take me away,” Harvey said recently during an episode of his Facebook Watch show Steve on Watch.” I don’t want to walk old. I don’t want to look old. I don’t want to dress old.” Not only is Steve Harvey turning heads with his new style, but he’s allowing others to follow in his footsteps with the launch of his new clothing line. Early in November, Harvey took to his Instagram to announce the line “H by Steve Harvey.”

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