The Many Times City Girls Rapper Yung Miami Gave TMI About Her Love Life

Yung Miami is making it clear that she loves some excitement when getting down. Diddy’s leading lady just dropped the latest episode of Caresha Please featuring Trina and as expected the episode is trending all over social media.

During the conversation, Yung Miami and Trina open up about how they like to interact with men when being intimate. The City Girls rapper made it clear that she’s very adventurous and has gone viral a few times due to her revelations. Yung Miami initially tipped people off to her ‘wild side’ with the single “Rap Fr**ks.” This song was the earlier hint that she was dating Diddy and gave us the golden lyrics, “Diddy let me put it in your face like them roaches. And put yo’ rich [self] to sleep, buenas noches.” Elsewhere in the song, she also made passes at Lil Durk and his girl, India, fantasized about being with Lil Baby and Da Baby, and made an advance at Rapper Megan Thee Stallion.

At the time, Yung Miami said the song was just for fun and admitted she had just named dropped everyone who was hot at the moment. “The song is showing love to all the rappers right now. I [named] a bunch of the guys who are on top, that’s hot, that’s poppin’. Nothing is personal; nothing is literal. I’m just having fun.”

Megan was a guest on Yung Miami’s talk show Caresha Please, and the two rap divas kept it super flirty. Miami asked Megan flat out if she liked girls, to which Megan responded, “I like what I like.” The girls got giggly as Miami asked if Meg would be intimate with her. Megan Thee Stallion said she would, but she would be “on top.” Meg then said, “You be very girly every time I see you, and I be like, ‘That’s why I like her. She be ready to just come sit in my lap.’ That’s what I like.”

During her latest sit-down with Trina, the ladies discussed a number of topics. One of which was “golden showers.” When playing Miami’s drinking game, the ladies had to take a shot if they liked the activity. Miami admitted to enjoying showers. While Trina tried to clarify where and when Miami simply kept laughing and saying she liked it. Pee Diddy began trending shortly after.

During her interview with Saweetie, Yung Miami opened up even more about the lengths she would go to please herself and her man. “I’m a real fr–ky girl. I like to do whatever a man tell me to do … ‘Get on your knees, crawl. Bark like a dog,” she confessed. Miami believes that the experience should be fun and says, “I just like to be submissive. I like to do whatever a man tells me. I like to dress up.”

Diddy has been rumored to be adventurous as well, so maybe he’s met his match in Miami.

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